The Royal House lights a “new Letizia”, ​​closer, to overcome the crisis of the Crown

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The Royal House seeks to revalue the work and the figure of Letizia at a time when almost everything seems to be against the Crown. The reality is that since her return from vacation she has been able to see another Letizia, even in terms of image.

In her recent visits to the Complutense University and to the island of La Palma, the Queen has been another person, closer, closer to the people. And that image has permeated. In the Royal House, they are already considering enhancing her agenda and encouraging her to move with more freedom, after years of self-imposed restrictions by Letizia herself.

“I have found her charming. I have seen her very close, very human. It seemed that she really felt what is happening to us here on La Palma. Nothing cold, she has been much more sympathetic than Felipe, more loving. You can tell that he comes from the same place as us and that he understands what happens if you run out of anything, “he said Thursday Maria del Carmen Jimenez, an islander, after her encounter with the Kings in the El Fuerte reception center, where she has lived since the lava of Cumbre Vieja devoured her house.

When he visited the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University last week, he had already shown signs of that change. The center was celebrating its 50th anniversary and she, as a former student, had been invited to preside over the event. The morning, according to those present, was being a real boredom, with the traditional words of all the authorities: rector, dean, professor … until Letizia gave her speech, with which the act was closed.

The Queen began to tell anecdotes from her university stage and caused laughter from a devoted audience. The climax came with her account of the professor who called her “heavy”, for asking many questions in the classroom.

“She put the grace to an act that was being a rock. The truth is that she looked happy, it was a long time since we saw her like that, so close. In fact, the next day was her birthday, and the usual Zarzuela [los periodistas que cubren la Casa Real] we wanted to congratulate her. Before summer, they would have told us no, but the other day she came over, we chatted with her animatedly and we even took a photo for posterity, “says one of the informants present.

Birthdays in Malasaña

Another good example occurred the next day. The Kings celebrated Letizia’s birthday in an Indian restaurant in Malasaña, in the center of Madrid, accompanied by the Infanta Sofia, since the Princess of Asturias is in Wales studying her high school.

The fact is that, after dinner, the owners of the place wanted to take a photo. Letizia has always raised many objections to these types of situations, as she considers that they invade her privacy and private life. This time, she not only agreed to take the snapshot, but confessed to her hosts that Leonor was “happy at her new school” and “working hard, but very happy.”

It is not just about something imposed: for a few weeks the Queen seems to have felt more comfortable in her role, less corseted in the word “consort” and more free to write her own script.

The premieres of clothes have decreased considerably, the Queen has dropped off her high heels and left her gray hair, giving up the coquetry of dyeing her hair.

“The Letizia from a year ago would never have made these changes,” says a friend of the Queen. “Now he is more aware that he must win the affection of the people, as happened in 2003 when he arrived in Zarzuela. humanIn short, to be a little more like he is in his private circle, a close, kind and affectionate person like the one the volcano victims met the other day on La Palma, “he adds.

The Royal House is considering Letizia help Felipe VI with a less closed agenda. The obsession with not stepping on puddles has prevented a projection that could help improve the image of the institution before the Spanish.

Letizia has one of the poorest international agendas of all European royal women. The acts that he stars in are controlled to the millimeter and that, added to his determination to control everything, at the cost of sacrificing spontaneity, has caused him not to finish connecting with the street.

A new Letizia

“He has been aware of this for a long time and is solving it. It is not easy, because every time he says or does something outside the script, they hit him everywhere. But we are already seeing a new Letizia,” adds the same source.

Although some media attribute this turn to the fact that Letizia is calmer and more serene at her 49th birthday, the truth is that there is also a strategy of the Royal House to try to make visible the work that the Royal Family carries out and bring her closer to the people, aware that it can be a good weapon against permanent criticism of the Crown.

“The pro-independence parties and those who ask for the republic in their program have been trying for months to discredit the work of the King. Their obsession is that people associate Felipe VI with his father, Juan Carlos. That citizens have the feeling that it is more of the same, that nothing has changed. And that is what is fought every day from within, “reveals a source close to the Queen’s work team.

It is a quiet turn whose effects will be noticeable over time. Letizia, with the help of her trusted people, including Jordi Gutiérrez, Head of House Relations with the Media, tries to erase as far as possible the footprint left by the Emeritus, which permeates everything.

“More naturalness, more closeness, a message of ‘we are here for what you need’. You can not try to be loved and respected if they hardly know you; that is the idea”, details the same source.

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