The results of the elections in Andalusia 2022, neighborhood by neighborhood

The results of the regional elections in Andalusia have led to the consolidation of the turn to the right in the autonomous community that the PSOE governed the longest. 40 years, specifically. The PP growth has spread throughout the Andalusian map relentlessly, nurtured by the engulfment of citizens and the absorption of part of the socialist vote who left the PSOE already in the 2018 elections. But do you know what your neighbor voted for? And what game has he won on your block? And what has been the most voted force in your census section? And what political color has been dyed in your neighborhood?

In the next interactive map The results of the Andalusian elections can be consulted by neighborhoods and census sections. To get an idea, in each census section there are some 1,500 people and there are one or two polling stations. At first glance, the chromatic result is an Andalusia tinted blue with a small handful of red flecks.

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