The release of the IEEM

The dispute between the Congress of the State of Mexico —with a large Morenoite majority— and the PRI governor Alfredo Del Mazo González, delayed the approval of the economic package for 2022 for two months. The entity’s Electoral Institute was also partially affected by the budget jam and Republican austerity.

In the year prior to the renewal of local powers, this autonomous body will receive 1,380 million pesos; 55% of which will be transferred directly —via prerogatives— to political parties with local registration.

Of the 576 million pesos that the IEEM will have for its ordinary expenses, 131 million are for general services and 445 million for the so-called chapter 1000, which covers the remuneration of a bureaucracy that has accumulated 26 years of experience, since the establishment of this entity, when Emilio Chuayffet was governor.

Salaries and allowances for basic and temporary personnel represent barely half of the 205 million pesos contemplated in chapter 1300, a concept that includes premiums per year of service, compensation, bonuses and other bonuses for middle and top management.

The definition of the budget for the IEEM is the power of the Legislature. But its distribution is the sole authority of the plenary session of the General Council, whose members yesterday held their ninth extraordinary session of the year, for five ordinary sessions in just six months.

It was the last one headed by Laura Daniella Durán Ceja, who served as provisional president of the Institute since the death of Pedro Zamudio, in December 2020. In compliance with local legislation, the INE postponed the election of the new councilor president until the process was concluded. intermediate election. Along the way, he determined that the new owner be a woman.

The imprint of Durán Ceja was defined yesterday, with an institutional redesign that transfers the Technical Control Unit to the Directorate of Political Parties, creates the Unit for the Coordination of Gender Equality and Eradication of Political Violence, and imposes new guidelines to guarantee the nomination and equal and inclusive integration in the bodies of popular election in the State of Mexico.

The replacement in the IEEM must take place no later than this Thursday 30th. Amalia Pulido Gómez was elected as the only candidate for president councilor, to cover a period of seven years, by the OPLES Linkage Commission. The proposal will be submitted to the assessment of the General Council, together with seven other presidents of OPLES.

Only in the case of Baja California Sur, the INE Plenary will vote between two options —Alejandro Palacios Espinosa or Mirna Guadalupe Fiol Herrera— to occupy the presidency, while Cinthya Nimbe González Arriaga and Fernando García Ramos are in the duo for the vacancy of an electoral council in Veracruz.

After a long evaluation, Ravel Cuevas will submit the proposal that suffered a last-minute castling: Laura Aracely Lozada Nájera was proposed for the vacancy in an electoral council, and María Magdalena González Escalona, ​​for the presidency of the OPL, both in Hidalgo.

Side effects

BAD CALCULATIONS. The federal government depends on private initiative to carry out its ambitious infrastructure plan, but political decisions have disrupted planning. The Mexico-Toluca intercity train is incomplete, due to the section in charge of the Mexico City government, and despite the budget increases, the administration headed by Claudia Sheinbaum decided to cancel the contract for section three of that work, awarded to

CAABSA. The decision has already been notified to the businessmen, also owners of OHL in Spain, and it is expected that the announcement will be made public once they choose the companies that will take on the jobs. CAABSA did not obtain financing from Banobras or from private banks to meet the commitment.

TRAPPED. The fight between SAP Mexico, Dominion Smart Innovation and Mexel will come to the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. And it is that the firm that he heads … intends that the ministers admit an appeal for review of the ruling that would force them to disburse 30 million dollars, for principal, legal interest caused, expenses, costs and a specific sentence for punitive damages . On May 4, 2022, the magistrates of the Fifteenth Collegiate Court in Civil Matters denied the protection promoted by SAP Mexico and requested to bring the case to the First Chamber of the SCJN, but the ministers rejected their request.

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