The Rejection Front, by Joan Tapia

What seemed impossible is now a reality. A treaty on the very glassy issue of revocation (forgiveness, reform) of Rajoy’s labor reform giving (relative) satisfaction to both the Frankenstein government (and the two vice presidents) Yolanda Diaz Y Nadia Calvyn), to the UGT and CCOO unions, to the CEOs, and even to the Rajoy team that carried out the 2012 reform. Fatima Banezthe former labor minister of the PP, has again turned into adviser to Antonio Garamendi. In Madrid they knew how to make the circle square.

Almost a miracle that, as in all pacts between conflicting interests, has contradictions and contradictions, but that strengthen social dialogue and meets a key condition of the European revival plan to pay out the 140,000 million allocated to Spain. A agreement uniting trade unions and employers and sensitivities as far as Yolanda Diaz Y unai doof (IE and CCOO) to Garamendi Y Fatima Banez (CEOE and PP) was anything but easy. The sharpest observers believed it was chimera. At the end, Sanchez you may have reached your big bet.

It can only. Because the devil is in the details and now the traditional allies of the Frankenstein government (ERC, PNV and Bildu) they say it they will not vote for its ratification in Congress next Thursday. The circle can be thrown out of square and if the majority of the left – already damaged – is broken and also the decree law of labor reform bites into the dust, the great success can be turned into a great disaster. Or worse.

What’s wrong? The PNV places obstacles. In Basque Country the nationalist unions weigh more than the UGT and CCOO and also want the priority of the regional agreements, but the PNV goes to the point and is for the European model. Everything can end badly, but also in an abstinence, or even in a positive mood. The serious problem is that an Iberian (non-Palestinian) Front of Rejection has emerged, consisting of Bildu, ERC, the CUP and the Galician Block, which is ideological. This requires not only changing the pact, but giving lessons to the UGT and CCOO on how to defend the rights of the working class. And the big trouble is that the deal is being fixed in such a way that it has become something like a fragile old Chinese vase that breaks down when touched. The CEOE (Garamendi already has severe miarramiaus) can no longer swallow commands.

The Rejection Front knows this and implicitly its ‘no’ to labor reform is a ‘no’ to the delicate consensus between a left-wing government (popularists say some) and the economic right-wing. They tell Sánchez that their voices demand that businessmen be against the wall. What a rage, even if they do not invest…

How will it all end? That the Government, after some marketing, convinces its three allies of the PNV, ERC and Bildu, seems very unlikely. The PNV can negotiate, Bildu can not and ERC only knows God.

Bildu’s Rejection Front (wink at the Basque unions and piss off the PNV), of the CUP and the BNG are understood. They are anti-capitalist and against the European model. The one with CKD, no. Junqueras says: “I’m an independentista, I’m a Social Democrat & rdquor; but ERC may have to psychologically slap the PSOE in the face. It’s not just Rufián’s verb, Marta Rovira is back from Geneva appears, standing to the left of UGT and CCOO.

Although ERC and Bildu voted against it on Thursday, the decree can be ratified by a very diverse majority that includes the nine deputies of Cs

Although the PNV does not vote in favor and the ERC votes against it, the Government can still ratify the decree with his 154 votes plus the 4 of the PDECatplus the 9 of Cs, moved by the bosses and who want to mark their own line. There are 167. And two votes will be added to it canarieswho is one of Teruel exists and the PRC (Cantabria). We are at 171. And to win (the absolute majority is 176, but they only need more votes for than against) there are still the votes (or abstentions) of Errrejon (2), Connection (1), Navarre Som (2) -if the CEO works-, and the PNV (6).

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The sum, very complicated, can come out, though Podemos and Belarra will have a hard time digesting it. But if ERC continues in the ‘no’, the alternative is: labor reform with Cs (and before the CEOs), or dies in legislature star issue performed by the PP, ERC, Vox, Puigdemont, Bildu and a few others.

To want to rule, or to slip into what Lenin described as “the infantile disease of leftism in communism” is the question.

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