The reinforcement campaign for those vaccinated with Janssen begins

  • Two million people who received this single-dose serum are called to receive a new puncture from Pfizer or Moderna to reinforce their protection

Almost two million people vaccinated with Janssen are called to get a second puncture from Pfizer or Moderna as of today, although some communities have already advanced a process in which NGOs and social services are key to locating some groups that were immunized with the single dose .

The Public Health Commission agreed on October 26 to give a second dose of messenger RNA (mRNA) -one from Pfizer or half from Moderna- starting on November 15 to the more than 1.9 million people vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson serum at least three months after the first puncture.

The reason, that its efficiency figures are below the others three administered in Spain: a recent study published by the Ministry of Health ranked Moderna as the most effective against infection and symptomatic infection (87% and 89%), followed by Pfizer (77% and 78%). AstraZeneca’s was 68% versus both events and Janssen’s was 64% and 56%, respectively.

Protection against hospitalization exceeds 95% in all but Janssen (86%), while death follows a similar pattern, although estimates could only be obtained for Moderna and Pfizer (<95%) and somewhat less for Johnson. & Johnson.

“We are talking in a context in which very, very effective vaccines are being used. When we started talking about what we expected from covid vaccines, we said that we wish they were more than 30% effective and that the best thing is that it is higher than fifty %. We are talking about very effective vaccines, although this is a little less“, says to Efe Aurora Limia, coordinator of the Covid-19 Vaccination Technical Working Group of the Vaccination Program and Registry Report and the vaccination strategy.

Based on this premise, it is important, however, that those immunized with Janssen get an mRNA boost because “both the studies that have been published and what we have seen in ours is that the heterologous regimen can make these people much better protected. “

And, therefore, “avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and transmissions because vaccines reduce infection as well, not 100% or 90%, but there is a reduction in transmission when a person is adequately vaccinated. “

At first, Janssen was reserved for people over 70 years of age and gradually the age range of the recipients was expanded to those over 40; Due to the advantages offered by its single-dose condition, it was also aimed at vulnerable groups that are difficult to attract, such as homeless people, seasonal workers or immigrants in an irregular administrative situation.

Also to large dependents with difficult accessibility, with profound autism or mental illness with much agitation, sea workers who carry out deep-sea fishing in long-term campaigns, population in detention centers or supervised; aid workers in high-risk countries or people who were not going to be in Spain on the dates of the second dose due to their activity.

Cantabria, Basque Country and Andalusia The Janssen reinforcement campaign began earlier, which is now widespread in the rest of the regions.

Andalusia It is also one of the communities that is counting on the help of NGOs and social workers to locate the most difficult groups to find; Murcia is contacting different non-governmental organizations and fruit and vegetable companies to collaborate and in The Rioja social workers mediate with area health professionals and community leaders.

Estremadura ensures that they have “the data of all” those vaccinated with Janssen, just like Baleares, which has also made use of NGOs for the most difficult to attract, and Canary Islands, which will use the same strategy as for the first dose: go to shelters, which are almost the most complex groups there are.

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Conversely, Catalonia, which will deploy a double strategy – citing those vaccinated with Janssen looking for the most vulnerable groups and most difficult to find with the help of social entities – assuming that it will not find everyone.

Madrid and Galicia have chosen, for their part, to start with the prison population, the second from Tuesday, while Castile and Leon will wait until the joint flu vaccination process and the booster dose of the covid in those over 70 years of age are finished earlier.

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