While the administrations still await the response of the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM), a new offer has emerged from the Australian real estate Goodman to invest around 550 million in a logistics and industrial project in the facilities of Nissan. The company, which has issued a statement, affirms that it has presented before the Nissan Reindustrialization Commission “a visionary project for the reconversion of the land of the Nissan plants in the Zona Franca and in Montcada i Reixac“It also ensures that more than 3,200 jobs could be generated.

For administrations, the priority continues to be GWM, but they reserve in the bedroom the mobility ‘hub’ project headed by QEV Technologies, in which the electric motorcycle manufacturer also participates Silence. The possibility of incorporating the military armored maintenance company Tess Defence, at the proposal of the Ministry of Industry, caused the total rejection of the Department of Enterprise and the option can be discarded.

Goodman’s approach integrates the industry and logistics, according to the group’s note. “Logistics activity alone would generate more than 3,200 direct jobs, to which would be added jobs created from industrial activity, in a wide range of professions, functions and qualifications. Goodman is committed to actively participating in the generation of quality jobs, to maintain employment in the area, to facilitate training and to promote employment among logistics, industrial and data center companies that will operate in the new facilities and that will have a positive impact on the environment “.

The proposed project “involves a direct investment of more than 550 million euros in the area and is backed by the technical capacity and financial solvency of the global real estate company Grupo Goodman “. Ignacio García Cuenca, ‘Country Manager’ of Goodman in Spain has pointed out that” Goodman’s proposal for the former Nissan site takes into account the needs of all current and future stakeholders. “

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In the logistics field, the project proposes the development of state-of-the-art facilities for logistics and urban distribution in the Zona Franca, responding to the need for modern platforms close to the city of Barcelona. The plan also includes the development of flexible spaces, as well as data centers that will reinforce Barcelona’s position as a reference city in the field of Industry 4.0.

In addition, new public spaces would be created “for the use and enjoyment of all citizens; new green areas, including an ecological urban garden, while a large part of the land would be used for services, such as restaurants, sports facilities and leisure areas.”

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To attract new industrial activity, Goodman proposes flexible solutions for industrial operators. For Montcada i Reixac, Goodman is also committed to a global solution that integrates the industry with urban distribution logistics, “meeting the highest quality and sustainability standards”.

To improve the use of the available land, it is committed to a vertical design, a model in which Goodman is a pioneer in Spain. The company has recently inaugurated the first multi-storey logistics platform in the country in Molins de Rei, and is completing its second development of this type in Castellbisbal. This solution minimizes land consumption by approximately 31%, allowing maximum flexibility and diversity of uses and clients, and maximizing economic activity and job creation.


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