The Business Coordinating Council (CCE) has started the race for the presidential succession to remove Carlos Salazar Lomelín next March. So far, two candidates for the chairmanship of the business leadership have raised their hands: Bosco de la Vega, former president of the National Agricultural Council (CNA) and Francisco Cervantes, former leader of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), with the challenge of the rebuilding the “broken relationship” Private Initiative-federal government to finalize agreements.

Bosco de la Vega, supported by the agricultural food sector in Mexico and claiming to enjoy a “good relationship” with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, acknowledges that the CCE-AMLO government relationship was “complex”; but if he reaches the Presidency of the business organization, he will have to rebuild and strengthen the relationship to influence long-term decisions.

In an interview with El Economista, De la Vega Valladolid warns that the business sector does not have representation in Congress, power to defend the Free Trade Agreements with the world, greater communication with workers and the improvement of relations with the government.

Throughout his career, the Sinaloan businessman, who is a producer of potatoes, wheat and maize, stands out: “I liked to convince, looking for diplomacy and independence to be able to the sector (in turn) represent”.

If it turns out that he is elected by the 7 voting bodies that make up the CCE, Bosco de la Vega agrees to work with the federal government to contribute to a better country, which creates opportunities for Mexicans. the former head of the CNA concentrated on seeking support from the rest of the businessmen from the various productive sectors that make up the CCE, as it confirmed that the Mexican Business Council (CMN) – which would eventually vote in favor of Francisco Cervantes be – does not represent the whole entrepreneurship.

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“The CMN represents one of the seven voices … it’s like I believed I was solid if I only had the CNA. But I’m going to talk to everyone and that democracy decides that the IP has the opportunity to have a better scheme for the country, “said Bosco de la Vega. From last Wednesday the 26th until next Monday the 31st of January, registration will be open for candidates for the presidency of the CCE, so that next March the Ordinary General Meeting of the CCE will be held.

A few days ago, Carlos Salazar reported that the registration of candidates for the presidency of the CCE had begun, adding a comment in public: “I was already extremely exhausted after such an enormous activity, like the one we in the last three years. Try to promote what we believe in, to have an honesty, especially intellectually in what we implement every day ”.

Francisco Cervantes was the first to register his candidacy for president of the CCE, protected by his industrial union and accompanied by the current leader of the Concamin, José Abugaber. This medium was sought by Francisco Cervantes and replied that in the days following the registration he would report on his aspiration to the CCE candidate.

The organizations that will have voice and vote: AMIS, ABM, Concamin, Concanaco, Coparmex, CNA and CMN. The organizations with only Voice are: Caintra, Canacintra, ANTAD, Canaco Mexico City, Amafore, COMCE, AMIB.

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