The PSOE unblocks that the Congress is investigating the pederasty in Iglesia

  • The Podemos, ERC and Bildu initiative will have to overcome the barrier of the Portavoces junta, which is sending a plenary session

The March of the Congress will support this March the admission to be able to create one commission investigating the pederasty in the Spanish Catholic Church. The initiative launched by United Podemos (UP), ERC and EH Bildu saldrá adelante gracias a que, en ese organo de la Cámara baja, el PSOE unirá sus vots a los de los morados (seis en total) y se impondrán a la suma des representatives PP (dos) y Vox, (uno) que han adelantado que se opondrán. There are four parliamentary groups that have representation in the Mesa, which is in charge of arranging the work of the Chamber.

The members of the Congress analyzed the proposal and no han puesto pegas that the Congress can “investigate sexual aggression in children and adolescence” commemorations by members of the Church. Tras cone the opinion of the experts, sources of the board of the socialist group informed to this diary of which vote favorably. Superior ese primer escollo is a success for the organizations that live decades advertising transparency and diligence to the religious to clarify the possible deletes, but does not mean that the commission is to create in the next weeks. Ahora, la Mesa del Congreso deriva el asunto a la Junta de Portavoces, all of them are represented by parliamentary groups. Here is the PSOE, which is undergoing a good phase of relations with the Episcopal Conference of Spain (CEE), should be willing to show willingness to analyze the scandals he has committed to the Church and allow the proposal to be included in a plenary session.

In any case, the next week is not full and the elections are being held in Castilla y León the day 13. If the Junta, again with the support of the PSOE, includes in an order of the day, the deputies convened in the hemiciclo deberan debate and decide whether to create or not the commission of inquiry.

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El PP y Vox votarán en contra en la Mesa este martes. The leader of the popular, Pablo Casado, explained that it is in favor of investigating the cases of pederasty per “all & rdquor;, in all institutions, not only the Church. With pregnancy, the conductor preserves that, if he goes to Moncloa, the lucha against abuses and minors will have one of its priorities. “There will be some delinquency if there is anything wrong with the pederastas in this country and all over the world,” he declared.Baleares and Valencia & rdquor ;, communes presided over by socialist leaders, referring to abusers and minorities, whom he also considers to be under investigation. Not quoted, by contrast, the Community of Madrid, gobernada por el PP, donde también ha habido otro episodio con chicas que dependían las las aublidades au public.

The groups that propose the creation of the commission he hecho despise that the diary El País publishes an investigation into the abuses in the Spanish church with 251 unspecified cases that the rotation took place in Papa Francisco and the CEE last December.

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