The PSOE is now working on the commission at the Congress on the Abuses of the Church

  • The Gobierno will decide on the next days if it supports the parliamentary inquiry or is decided by the creation of a commission of independent experts, proposed by the PNV

The PSOE allowed this March to take the initiative in the Congress of the Deputies, but there is no guarantee of giving up their final support. The socialists give their all to the societies of Unidas Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu and accept that the large parliamentary parliament initiates the proposal to create a commission of inquiry into sexual abuse comedos by members of the Catholic Church. At the traditional meeting of the March of the Congress of Mesa, I support the United Podemos for this initiative to be the first choice. PP and Vox vote against. Without embarrassment, according to Héctor Gómez, spokesman for the Socialist parliamentary group, the Gobierno and his own group decided not to if the “instrument” is more “useful” to explain these scandalous. The PSOE’s Board of Directors points out that a commission in the Chamber of Deputies on this matter can be converted into a circus “ and acabe being “counterproductive” for the victims.

The Executive ensures that it is analyzing “the manpower of the victims” which is the most appropriate mechanism for investigating the aggressions

At the moment, there are proposals regarding the month to clarify these uncertain pages of the history of Spain: the Commission of Inquiry into the Congress and a commission of independent experts, idea launched by the PNV. Ask a question about si apoyarán las dos, as Unidas Podemos, ERC and Bildu defended, the spokesman made it clear that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and the parliamentary group were deciding on “a single direction”. “We are valorando, in the Gobierno and in the group, which is the best step to give one Sensitive and delicate situation (…) We act with full responsibility. “We are studying the different ways in which there is a job that is arrogant about a situation in which we all suffer,” he replied.

According to the nationalist vascos, the option of the experts is “more respectful” with the affected “tending to the severity of the hechos and the extreme sensibility with which should be treated this way”. The PNV is used as a reference to the method used in countries such as France and Germany. Hasta now, in Spain there has been no official investigation, neither of the State nor of the Catholic Churchabout present delinquent pederasty commitments for religious.

This Monday, the Fiscalía General del Estado informs that it has conducted investigations into sexual aggression on minors in religious institutions and has ordered the 17 superior fiscal laws of Spain that it refers all criminal proceedings for its recovery in a plea of ​​10 days. According to Europa Press, the Spanish Episcopal Conference, which has not yet taken the initiative to take any initiative in this regard, it has assured that “all investigations into the Judicial Power” on its aggression are “well received”.

Sanchez reunites the Jews with victims

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The truck of the commission at the Congresso continues, says Gómez, within two weeks, when he goes to the Junta de Portavoces, that is what the framework to include in the order of the day of the plenary debate on whether it is necessary to create a commission of inquiry. This phase does not have to be the next week, as it is not Congress by the celebration of the elections in Castilla y León domingo, 13. Sí entrará en la Junta del día 15 y es ahí cuando el PSOE deberá fijar su position. The dilemma is how to clarify antes. Pedro Sánchez reunites his players with the victims of the abusers of the clergy, inform Juanma Romero. The Minister of Territorial Politics and the Port of Gobierno, Isabel Rodríguez, concreto that standing study, “of the mano of the victims”, the mechanism most adequate for investigators.

The PP voted against the fact that the commission of inquiry is opening its doors at the Congress, because it has been said that it would be left out of these disputes in “all institutions”, not only in the Church, in reference to what he commits minor tuteladas by the Autonomous Governors of the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community and the Community of Madrid. Following the portfolio of Vox, Iván Espinosa de los Monterosel Congreso no es el “mejor” lugar para “investigar nada de nada”.

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