The PSC offers its hand to an Aragonese “weakened” by the breakdown of the majority

The spokeswoman for the socialist group in the Parliament, Alícia Romero, has once again offered this Sunday the hand of the Socialists to approve the 2022 budgets to the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, who does the PSC see “weakened” after the rupture of the majority that gave him the investiture.

From Maià de Montcal (Girona), Romero has expressed his I respect for the meeting that representatives of the Government and the ‘commons’ will hold this afternoon to try to reach an agreement, after the slam of the CUP, which has decided to keep its amendment to the entirety within 24 hours of its debate in Parliament.

The socialist spokeswoman has assured that, whatever the result of the negotiations with the commons, her group will maintain its offer to Aragonès. “Since we don’t know how things will go, we keep outstretched hand given the health crisis and because the economy has to be reactivated and ensure that no one is left behind, “explained Romero. With the CUP’s decision to maintain its amendment to the whole “It is clear – according to the socialists – that the majority is broken and the president is weakened.”

Open dialog

“It is incredible that in the face of this situation, Aragonès does not open a dialogue with other political forces. Aragonès he does not want to talk with us right now, when you don’t have guaranteed the beginning of the processing of the budgets of tomorrow “, has insisted.

Romero has summarized the situation: “There is a majority of broken investiture, a ‘president’ who improvises, who is not up to the task, taking into account that the 2022 budget is essential for the Catalans and the Catalans “.

The socialist spokesperson has expressed her “perplexity” for how Aragonès is conducting the budget negotiations that, “more than ever, are essential for Catalonia “before” a health crisis, but also a social and economic one.

Romero has stressed that Aragonès no longer has the support of the independence majority that he was invested by the ‘president’ of the Generalitat just five months ago and has shown his surprise that he does not open the dialogue with other formations. “Dialogue, talk, try to convince does not hurt anyone and I think there is no one who understands that Aragonès does not open the dialogue to forces such as the socialist to try to approve the Budgets. Above all, when from the PSC the outstretched hand has been offered so many times, “he argued.

“Responsible” training

The spokesperson for the Socialists recalled that the PSC won the last regional elections and is a “responsible” formation that knows about the importance of Budgets.

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Romero has commented on the warning to the PSC of the general secretary of JxCat, Jordi Sànchez, who on Saturday assured that they will not break the independence bloc: “Let no one have wet dreams to vote on the Budgets or to abstain thinking that it will undo the independence majority “.

“We respect the words of everyone,” said Romero, “it only pushes us to have this attitude think about the good of country”.

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