The PSC does not see a change of cycle in Spain after the results of Andalusia

  • “The Board is the Board and the generals are the generals”, say the Catalan socialists

The PSC has denied this morning that the Andalusian elections, in which the PP has skyrocketed and has obtained an absolute majority and the Socialists have remained almost 20 points behind, will mean a change of cycle in Spanish politics. “There is no sign of change from that point of view, and the work that the Government is doing has the support of the PSC”, said Jaume Collboni, who this Monday acted as spokesman for the party.

Despite the heavy blow to the PSOE in its fiefdom, and when both municipal and general elections are scheduled to be held next year, Collboni wanted to distinguish between the nature of each appointment with the polls. “The elections to the Board are to the Board, and the general ones are the general ones. In the 2019 elections, Sánchez obtained half a million more votes than the PSOE had obtained in the regional elections. Citizens know how to discern when it is a call or another, “he assured.

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However, the PSC has drawn attention to the “problem of mobilization of the leftist electorate” that has been seen in Andalusia. “It should make us react. It is obvious that they have not managed to mobilize the electorate to stand up to the right,” said the socialist spokesman.

The Catalan socialists believe that the task of the Andalusian candidate for the PSOE, Juan Espadas, is from now on “to launch an opposition task that defend public services threatened by regressive policies and the defense of the rights and freedoms of people”, which, as he has said, “the right sometimes threatens”.

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