The PSC believes that “parties that feed into each other” fester the linguistic debate

The decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia that a school in Canet de Mar uses Spanish for 25% of the educational day in a P5 class has reopened the linguistic controversy in Catalonia. Faced with the demonstrations in favor and against the sentence, the PSC has complained that “language and education are being exploited by parties that feed off each other.”

Socialists, who historically fare badly when the identity debate rages, emphasize both their “commitment to Catalan at school” -not in vain, the party was one of the first promoters of linguistic immersion- such as the need for judicial decisions to be carried out. The leader of the party, Salvador Illa, already said it on Thursday, and this Friday his number two, Alícia Romero, repeated it.

“We have always defended Catalan as a vehicular language, but we must also comply with the sentences,” said the PSC parliamentary spokesperson, who added that the idea would be to “update the model” of linguistic immersion, “following pedagogical models and giving autonomy to the center”. “Defending Catalan is not going against Castilian, and defending Castilian is not going against Catalan,” Romero summarized.

Although they do not make explicit reference to any party, the Socialists believe that both the independentistas – who have called a demonstration in the Canet school – and other formations use the linguistic debate to “throwing dishes at your head every day.” Romero points out as an example that in the plenary session next week three motions and an interpellation on the matter are scheduled.

Cs: an “intolerable coercion”

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Ciudadanos, on the other hand, is comfortable in the linguistic fight. Its leader in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, has warned this Friday that they will take “to the courts” the ‘minister’ of Education, Josep González Cambray, if he maintains his alleged reluctance to comply with the decision of the TSJC.

Carrizosa has affirmed that justice forces to give 25% in Castilian not only in that school of Canet, but in all the compulsory education. In addition, he has affirmed that the demonstration called in Canet could become “an intolerable coercion” on the family that has requested that right for their son, and that the Government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, “has been inhibited” in favor of the Generalitat when Ciudadanos has asked it to avoid that concentration.

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