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The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office urges the 42nd Investigation judge of the capital to investigate the alleged hiring of a nanny for the personal use of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero on account of the funds of the political party Podemos.

According to the letter sent to Juan Jose Escalonilla, head of the court, to which EL ESPAÑOL has had access, the prosecutor demands that he open a separate piece within the so-called ‘Neuron case’ regarding the complaint of Monica Carmona, former party lawyer.

The Prosecutor’s Office wants you to find out if, as Carmona says in an extension of her initial complaint, the leaders of the purple formation passed off as a political adviser Teresa Arevalo in order to endorse to Podemos the expenses of her daughter’s caregiver.

Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero in the Congress of Deputies.

Europa Press

According to the text, “within the fraudulent hiring of campaign expenses [la denunciante] refers that Irene Montero would have hired a party member as a caregiver for her childrenAnd that, since this is a matter that must be broken down from the main investigation – since it is not limited to “what is being investigated in this proceeding” – the judge must investigate it and not address the allegations of Podemos, which asked to exclude documentary evidence and the extension of the complaint.

And this is so because Carmona, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, has provided “documentation related to IM traveled with his daughter and TA for a campaign event“.

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Among the elements that the prosecutor demands that Escalonilla investigate, it also includes “a similar situation in relation to another person who is a member of the party who, according to the news, would act as IM escort “, of which documentation is also” attached “.

Podemos claimed the judge of the Neuron case to “reject outright” the accusations made by Carmona claiming that he has a “manifest enmity” with the political formation.

Carmona and Calvente

These events were reported by the former member of the Podemos legal team and the person responsible for regulatory compliance. Monica Carmona was fired in December 2019, along with his partner José Manuel Calvente, responsible for data protection of Podemos, whom the party leaders publicly accused of harassment against a colleague.

Calvente appealed his contract termination and, after months, managed to get Podemos to recognize that there was never such “gender aggravated workplace harassment” to which the party was welcomed to fire him. In an out-of-court settlement, the political formation of Pablo Iglesias admitted the falsehood of the accusation and the nullity of the dismissal.

However, the party has never communicated the reason why it terminated Carmona’s contract. Unofficially, sources from Podemos have alleged that she was “a friend and worked hand in hand” with Calvente.

Both denounced and maintain in statements to this newspaper that they were fired from their jobs “precisely when they were investigating accounting irregularities, and alleged embezzlement of party funds” that could lead to crimes of unfair administration.


It was precisely this “animosity” that the legal representation of Podemos used to urge the judge not to address the extension of the initial complaint by Calvente and Carmona, in which it added not only accusations but also documentary evidence that Iglesias and Montero had hired a private babysitter with party funds posing as a political advisor.

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Party sources assure, in any case, that Arévalo is Montero’s chief of staff. And that, since the number two of Podemos was breastfeeding the minor and took her to her job “on occasion, both Arévalo like other people sporadically took care of the baby“.

This newspaper reported that Arévalo was not only hired by Podemos as an advisor, but that his salary is now paid by the Ministry of Equality. And that he has continued to carry out care work for the minor in the prelude to the meetings of the Council of Ministers and in other official appointments of the Minister of Equality with members of the Government.

Arévalo is currently part of the trusted team appointed by Montero in the Ministry of Equality, with a salary of almost 52,000 euros gross per year and level 30 of civil servant.

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