The prosecution files a lawsuit against the mayor of Calella for embezzlement

  • The accusation attributes Montserrat Candini irregular awards, fragmentation of contracts and maneuvers with a businessman for the payment of two people in the communication area

The prosecution has filed a complaint in the courts of Arenys de Mar against the former senator, former deputy in the Parliament and current mayor of Calella, Montserrat Candini, of the PDEcat, as well as two people who worked in the communication area of ​​the consistory and a businessman for alleged irregularities in the contracting of an advertising campaign and the alleged splitting of invoices, in breach of the law. The public accusation attributes the crimes of embezzlement of public funds, prevarication and falsehood in commercial documents.

In the complaint, which has been admitted for processing by the court, it maintains that on June 3, 2020 the plenary session of the Calella City Council approved, at the proposal of Candini, the award to one of the accused businessmen, Carles FE, a contract of services for a campaign to promote tourism in the city. This service was processed as a minor contract and, therefore, without the concurrence of other companies, for a price of 14,943 euros (very close to the permitted limit of 15,000 euros).

The report on the advertising campaign, according to the metadata of the document provided in electronic format, was prepared by the successful bidder on May 21, 2020, without any changes occurring later, therefore, the prosecution emphasizes, before that the plenary session of the city council approved the hiring (July 4). On the other hand, the calendar that is added to the documents foresees the start of the campaign on May 25. The work was invoiced on June 15, with entry into the town hall on the 25th of that month. The total cost of the “És Calella” campaign amounted to 89,000 euros.

irregular contracts

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The complaint reports adjudications with the same procedure for minor contracts for the services of two people who worked in the communication area of ​​the Calella City Council. In these cases, he specifies, the administrative regulations governing this type of contract were violated, “covering the permanent needs of the consistory through a fragmentation of contracts.” These two people, in addition, received a remuneration from one of the Carles FE companies to which the “És Calella” advertising campaign had been awarded, as the mayor had told them to turn to this firm the cost of the hours extras made during the period that this service lasted. Therefore, it was this company and not the town hall that paid for the time that the two professionals had overworked.

To compensate for this expense and “reward the collaboration provided”, the mayor and the businessman Carles FE agreed that they would award other services, as well by the system of minor contracts, such as the preparation of a report on the impact of the “És Calella” campaign for an amount of 15,064 euros. The invoice was issued four days after the order. The company also lacks the infrastructure to carry out this work and the report issued was of “very low technical complexity.”

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