The pros and cons of the CUP when approving budgets

The divergence between the Government and the CUP already begins in the terminology. Although the Executiu defends these accounts as expansive -With 3,500 million euros more thanks to the investment of the State and the funds of the European Union-, the ‘cuperos’ deny the greater because they affirm that the execution for 2021 will already be higher and that this bag of additional money serves to cover what is already being done.

Beyond this, falls short of the aspirations of the CUP in matters of living place -749 million euros, not the 1,000 agreed for the investiture-, in primary care –It is expected to allocate 17% and not 25% of the health care item-, in the internalization of the emergency phone 061 -which can end up excluding the telemarketers- and in the departure for the public energy -which stays at 500,000 euros, “ridiculous & rdquor; to begin to study its viability to start it. Yes, there are advances in education with the reduction of the infant and primary school ratios; and in a public order model, since the Government is committed to reviewing all the accusations against pro-independence protesters.

Regarding the macroproyectos, the Government undertakes not to assume “in any case” the cost of the purchase of the CRT-Vilaseca land for the construction of the Hard Rock and will not formalize the candidacy for the Winter Olympic Games until the territory has voted on this project, to whose vote they will allocate about 800,000 euros. These two advances are significant for the CUP, although they emphasize that the Executiu maintains its current proposal aspiring to have no cost on the public administration.

Instead, there is no Tax Reform contemplated to raise taxes on the highest incomes, as required by the CUP.

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