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The next auction of the Spanish LaLiga television rights begins to face difficulties. The mess generated by the entry of the CVC fund, the struggle of the administration of Javier Tebas against him Real Madrid and the F.C. Barcelona, the march of Lionel Messi and the irruption of the Superliga have directly affected the interest of some operators to participate in this bid.

A dangerous cocktail that has made the competition lose its appeal and that has generated a series of unknowns that lead to an eventual entry into the audiovisual rights market is no longer as attractive as a few months ago.

In this way, important players Internationals are considering not participating in the auction that aims to award LaLiga’s audiovisual rights for the next three seasons from the 2022-2023 academic year.

According to the information collected by Invertia, Amazon would be one of the large operators that has lost interest in LaLiga, which is making them consider not participating in the next auction.

Remember that Amazon is one of the main letters of Javier Tebas in order to meet its goal of raising at least 3,000 million for the entire residential contract in Spain.

El factor Amazon

In fact, the idea of LaLiga is to be able to reconfigure the packages that they will offer to the operators. Until now, two large batches were being tendered, one for eight matches per day and the other for the most important match of each weekend (always one of the Real Madrid or FC Barcelona).

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Now, Thebes wants to offer a smaller package of three exclusive days – and not necessarily the most attractive matches – to pave the way for new operators such as Amazon. In this way, they could make a significant investment, but not at the level of the one they have been making so far Telefónica.

The operator paid 2,950 million euros in the previous tender made three years ago, but his idea this time is to pay at least 15% to 20% less for rights, due to the deflation that all sports rights are experiencing after the pandemic.

Precisely to compensate for this reduction in income, Thebes I hoped to have Amazon, but after recent events the landing of the international platform is not so clear.

The reason? The current context of LaLiga it is extremely unstable. After the dispute of Thebes with the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona These two clubs are not assured of their permanence in the Spanish championship in the medium term.

Auction in October

On the other hand, if the Superliga goes ahead, both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona would use their best troops in the European championship leaving second-rate teams for the national competition.

If we add to this the march of Messi, one of the last great planetary stars remaining in LaLiga, the devaluation of the Spanish championship as a product is increasingly evident.

In this sense, LaLiga has slipped that the auction will be in October and not in September as originally planned. The intention is to buy time and hope that the disputes with the big clubs diminish in intensity.

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The bid of three years ago took place in June and although in LaLiga They do not talk about delays, it is clear that the later it is done, the more margin you will have to achieve better prices.

Television rights are largely responsible for the income from LaLiga have skyrocketed in the last five years. In 2014-2015 they barely touched one billion and in 2019-2020 they exceeded 1,770. That is, 35% of all total billing came through television.

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