The pro-Russian Donbas decree the mobilization of the population while Russia carries out its nuclear exercises

  • Zelensky implores the help of the West and demands a timetable for his country’s entry into NATO

military maneuvers with nuclear weapons, general mobilization of the male population in the regions under the control of pro-Russian militias, or even new deployments of Russian military personnel around the border with Ukraine. Far from starting the de-escalation promised a few days ago, the Kremlin and its allies in Donbas have increased their efforts to strangle to the ukrainian state through new episodes of what is called hybrid warfare. Bordering on drama, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskydelivered a moving speech this Saturday imploring the West to commit to defending his country against the aggression instigated by the almighty eastern neighbor.

Russian television has shown images of the Russian president Vladimir Putin together with his Belarusian counterpart, Aleksandr Lukashenkowhile listening to reports about the military exercises with ballistic and cruise missiles. The maneuvers have ended around noon, local time, and have been completed “successfully”, as reported by the Kremlin. “The planned tasks during the strategic deterrence exercise they have been fully completed; all missiles reached their designated targets & rdquor ;, has assured a statement. According to the version provided by the Russian side, hypersonic missiles have been fired & rdquor ;, considered one of the most disturbing weapons from the entire arsenal of the Russian Federation. Ships and submarines of the Northern and Black Sea fleets have launched cruise missiles Kalibr and hypersonic missiles Tsircon.

The tension has also grown new integers after Denis Pushilin, leader of the pro-Russians in the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republicwill decree during the morning the general mobilization of the male population of fighting age. “I am addressing all men who can carry a weapon so that they come to defend their families & rdquor ;, he has demanded in a televised intervention. The day before, the authorities of this republic, together with those of her ‘her sister’ of her Lugansk, ordered the evacuation of civilians from the territory, measure that, if confirmed, would affect 700,000 civilians. The fact that the recordings of the appeals were checked were made with previous date the upsurge in fighting in Donbas in recent days suggests that it could be a mere propaganda operation.

The main fear of the Western allies at the moment is that there will be an attack or false flag attack, caused by pro-Russian or allied militias, to justify the start of hostilities. In fact, the Russian prosecutor’s office has announced that it is currently investigating a alleged ukrainian bombardment that affected territory of the Russian Federation adjoining the rebel regions of Ukraine, which is precisely the type of action that would justify a Russian invasion or intervention. Given the level of existing misinformation, it is impossible to confirm if this really occurred.

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After confirming that the Russian military device around Ukraine had been reinforced in recent hours with new helicopters, tanks and armoredthe Ukrainian president has demanded the help of the West in the face of Russian aggression in an intense speech delivered before the western allies at the Munich security conference, including a schedule for admission of the country in NATO. “The agreed standards decades ago they no longer work; they are not effective in neutralizing new threats; it is about cough syrup when what is needed is a vaccine against the coronavirus & rdquor ;, he has emphasized.

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