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Next Tuesday, the Council of Ministers will give the green light to the Royal Decree that will allow the sale of Covid self-diagnosis tests without a prescription in pharmacies. Pharmacies are already preparing to start dispensing this type of test that will have a price between 3 and 12 euros.

Specifically, citizens will be able to purchase two types of test. On the one hand, those of antigens, which should be done in the first five days after the onset of symptoms, when the viral load is highest.

On the other, those of antibodies, which are used to analyze the individual’s immune response, that is, to confirm that they have suffered from Covid-19 even if they have not had symptoms.

The Spanish company of import and distribution of medical-sanitary material, Rypo, estimates that the price of these self-diagnostic tests will be between 3 and 7 euros, depending on the provider and the amount purchased by pharmacies. “The higher the volume, the lower the price,” explains Gonzalo Díaz, CEO of Rypo, to Invertia.

For its part, Gamma Health, a company specializing in protective and health equipment, is also already distributing its rapid self-diagnostic antigen test for Covid-19. In this case, the company expects the price to be between 10 and 12 euros.

Why are they cheaper in Germany?

The sale of the Covid self-diagnostic tests in Germany was approved several months ago. Its price is lower than that used in Spain and there are several reasons to justify this situation.

Industry sources consulted by Invertia indicate that it may be because the self-diagnosis tests that will be sold soon in pharmacies have been developed exclusively for the use of citizens. “In Germany, those for professional use were marketed”.

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In the case of the tests that will be sold in Spain, “they have taken longer to develop, they have to have more simplified technologies and they have had to go through an authorization process by a notified body (AEMPS)”. This supposes “an increase in the price of the product compared to those for professional use”.

Here also come into play pharmacy margins, which may be different from the ones they have in German pharmacies.

Another reason is that the German Government has financed part of the cost of these tests or there is more competition, so prices tend to go down.

Similarly, the sources consulted by this newspaper foresee that the price range of the Covid self-diagnosis tests go down as time goes by.

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