The price of electricity, unstoppable, opens October with a historical record of 216 euros / MWh

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There is nothing to stop the price of electricity on the wholesale market. Break all the ceilings. It exceeds the 200 euro barrier for the first time. Tomorrow, Friday, October 1, it shoots up to levels never imagined: 216,01 euros / MWh. It thus rises more than 25 euros compared to today, when it reached 189 euros / MWh.

And it sounds more crazy when compared to the cost of electricity just a year ago,(41,48 euros), the rise is 420.76%, that is, it has multiplied by more than five. Compared to a week ago, when the price of electricity in the Spanish wholesale market was 172.97 euros / MWh, the price increase is 24.88%.

This new increase in light occurs in the midst of the escalating price of all raw materials linked to energy around the world, such as gas, the Petroleum and the Coal, which simultaneously triggers the CO2 rights, also at record highs.

So pulverize the 189 euros of Wednesday and today, Thursday and Not only does it break the barrier of 180 euros, but also that of 200.

But there is another novelty. The most expensive price of the day … It reaches up to 230 euros / MWh and that the price will be at all times or near or above the 200 euros / MWh, except at, marking its daily maximum from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with 230 euros / MWh, also an hourly record. The minimum will be between 5 and 6 in the afternoon, which will be at 180 euros / MWh.

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