We move in a territory where immediacy wins, the impact of the moment, without thinking about the causes, much less about the consequences. We have recently witnessed two cases that are examples of what I say. Different, of course, but just as illustrative in terms of the desire to consume the moment, to make a spectacle of the miseries of humans who are exposed to the effort that others have of laughter caused by a divergent, eccentric or without the virtues that we associate with intelligence. I’m talking about Verónica Forqué and her time in the MasterChef program and also about Abde, a young Barça footballer. In the first case, we all know what an entertainment program is like: it is about accentuating a character, defacing behavior, delving into a penalty. And the public enjoys that gag that is not the product of fiction, but of a indecent exposure of the soul. Hypocrites, we are all a bit guilty of perversion, just like we laugh because a boy raised in poverty and with no other way out than football does not answer questions as if he were Cicero. It would not be bad for us to think about the alleged moral superiority that those actions hide.


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