The PQ revisits (by mistake?) the map of Quebec and includes Labrador

Does the Parti Québécois (PQ) have expansionist aims? This is the question we are asking ourselves after the publication of a map on which Labrador seems to be part of Quebec.

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“Our territory, our environmental laws”, can we read on the image published on the various social networks of the sovereignist formation. What catches the eye, however, is the Quebec border, which seems to have moved beyond Labrador.

By email, the PQ confirmed to us that it was not an error. Why then have “symbolically” annexed Labrador to Quebec? We explain to you.

To make a (very) short story, the Labrador was “stolen” in Quebec and Canada in 1927, following a decision by the Privy Council in London. According to our extensive research on the subject (hello Wiki!), Labrador was then removed from Quebec territory, then annexed to Newfoundland, which was a British colony.

Obviously, the PQ has still not digested this theft…

Environmental sovereignty

With this publication, the PQ wanted to put forward the principle of environmental sovereignty, which was unanimously adopted by the National Assembly. This principle affirms the primacy of Quebec’s jurisdiction in environmental matters, meaning that only provincial environmental laws should apply on its territory.

In other words, Bill 391 opposes any intervention by Ottawa in terms of the environment on Quebec territory.

To read the comments under the publication, however, the geographical revision seems to have stolen the spotlight from environmental sovereignty…

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