The national convention of the PP, which will be held between September and October, seeks to “widen” the party. Therefore, one of the ideas has been to combine the two souls popular. Two political spirits embodied by those who have been presidents of the Government under these acronyms: Mariano Rajoy and Jose Maria Aznar, who will clothe the current leader of the formation, Pablo Casado, throughout the acts of the ideological rearmament of the formation, framed under the slogan Spain and Liberty.

This newspaper has had access to the table of topics that will be discussed at each of the tables, talks and debates. Day by day, departing from Santiago de Compostela (Monday, September 27), with a second stage in Valladolid, a third in Madrid, another in Seville and arriving in Cartagena on Friday, Some of the statements in the internal document of the PP draw attention.

Among the novelties of the convention, the inclusion of a debate table of title Liberal feminism, one of the slogans with which Citizens (Cs), captained already by Ines Arrimadas, wanted to combat the socialist discourse back in 2019.

Table of topics that will be dealt with in the traveling convention of the PP.


A strategy to which Carmen Calvo, in the role then of first vice president of the acting Government -and secretary of Equality of the PSOE-, responded with his now famous “feminism is not for everyone, pretty “. Party sources rule out that, precisely, the predecessor of Arrimadas, Albert Rivera, retired from politics after the Cs fiasco, go to one of the meetings, as has been speculated to date.

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Valladolid and Santiago

Now the PP recycle this term for one of the acts of its itinerant convention, specifically, for the cycle of presentations that will take place in Valladolid, considered -via Castilian-Leonese conservatism- one of the strongholds of Aznar.

Besides of liberal feminism, on the same day, various gatherings will address topics such as The person over the group: diversity, pluralism and tolerance, The center-right in the 21st century, More society and better government and Culture and cancellation. Concepts -various of them- associated with the so-called culture battle. That which the PP, according to the program of its convention, intends to give. And especially when this is one of Vox’s voting grounds.

However, not only culture battle will drink this new PP. There will also be room for him alma centrist and liberal party, with round tables titled Concord, Constitution and Patriotism, National unity and autonomous state against nationalism, Terror and political violence, European unity: reformism and solidarity and Globalization and the Atlantic link.

All of them will have been held the day before in Santiago, the capital of a Galicia loosely governed by the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo since April 2009. Furthermore, Galicia is the birthplace of Mariano Rajoy and of Manuel Fraga, founder of the party.

The other stages

Another of the blocks of its itinerant program – this one, in Madrid – will focus on “strengthening the rule of law and security.” It will address topics such as Feedback and transparency, Judicial independence and institutional strengthening, Security and Defense, Immigration and coexistence and Administration Modernization.

Finally, it will be Seville and not Córdoba, as has been speculated until now, where the convention will address two typically liberal themes: the free market and private property, with round tables on competitiveness, taxation, employment, environmental sustainability, digitization, industrialization and tourism. The region is a fiefdom that makes the PP very proud, with Juanma Moreno in San Telmo.

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In Cartagena -the secretary general of the party, Teodoro Garcia Egea, from Murcia, will accompany the President of the Region, Fernando Lopez Miras-, the block of presentations will be made up of Education as a social elevator, Health and welfare state, Family, demographic challenge and culture of life, Rural environment: cohesion and depopulation and Pensions and dependency.

The final touch will be a great act in the Valencia Bullring. Coso where Mariano Rajoy, already as a tenant of La Moncloa in 2015, praised the figure of a Rita Barberá candidate for mayor and where the PPCV celebrated its absolute majorities in the Region, with Eduardo Zaplana autonomic president.

The place chosen to put the finishing touch to the convention it’s not by chance; the other way around: the PP once again treads the Valencian albero -stage of massive campaign acts by Aznar and Rajoy, from 2000 to 2015, with stands brimming with optimism- as a sign of a strength to which it now aspires with this new rearmament ideological.

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