Alberto Núñez Feijóo has been re-elected this Saturday president of the Popular Party of Galicia for the fifth time after receiving 98.3% of the votes in the list that he headed, the only one presented.
In that list the main novelties are the continuity of Miguel Tellado as general secretary and the appointment of six vice secretaries, among which the regional councilors of the Xunta, Fabiola García and Ángeles Vázquez, stand out.
The list has obtained 801 votes out of 816 cast, as proclaimed by the president of the congress, Rafa Domínguez, in an appointment in which the number of delegates has been reduced to the legal maximum due to capacity issues derived from the health situation marked by the covid -19.
After knowing the result, Núñez Feijóo himself, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, and his predecessor, Mariano Rajoy, will intervene in the closing.

Rajoy’s intervention

Rajoy has claimed this Saturday the “de rigueur” model of Alberto Núñez Feijóo in Galicia, while defending that the Spanish know that “there is a sensible alternative that is the PP and is Pablo Casado.”

“To which we are all going to help, each one in what he can,” he added.

Months after the last time they met in public, Rajoy has met again with the leader of the PP in Santiago de Compostela.

The former president of the PP has praised the president of the Xunta and stressed that with him in Galicia they can be “calm” and “that is the best that can be said of a ruler” and has contrasted it with those who “600 kilometers away” they put “people on their nerves.”

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Rajoy has vindicated the rigor and seriousness of Feijóo, which in politics are “the best way to improve people’s lives, which is what it is about” and not “to feed egos” and has cried out against populism “of all kinds “because” it may be the shortest way but it is the one that generates the most frustration for people. “

“The PP of Galicia always came much more good news than bad, even when the bad news was everywhere, it always provided more solutions than problems, what should be common is not the most common in politics,” he continued with his praise .

And in his speech, prior to that of Feijóo and Casado, he expressed his satisfaction at attending the congress to which, he recalled, he has always been invited, regardless of his “status”.

“As I am Galician and I am from the Popular Party, I like to be here. Here are my friends and my party,” he stressed.

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