The PP makes history and sweeps Andalusia with a solid absolute majority

The PP wins the elections in Andalusia making history and with an absolute majority, with 57 seats at 90%. It is the best result of the party in regional elections, after the victory in 2012, with 50 deputies, which did not help him to form a government. Juan Manuel Moreno will repeat as president of the Junta de Andalucía and will be able to govern alone, without ties, with free hands. The PP wins for the first time in the eight Andalusian provinces, including Seville, the Gallic village of the PSOE where it had never scored a defeat.

The shouts of happiness and celebration They arrive at the ground floor of the Andalusian PP headquarters, in Seville’s San Fernando street, with each seat added by the popular ones. Moreno makes history and fulfills his dream. Improve the results of Isabel Diaz Ayuso in Madrid, that did not achieve that absolute majority. The moderation strategy of the president of the Andalusian Government, who has avoided ideological debates and confrontations with Vox, leaving aside all his provocations, have had an effect. Andalusia puts itself in the hands of the PP and its brand ‘Juanma’. The so-called ‘Feijóo effect’ and the change of cycle in Spain that the PP has announced so much is fulfilled in the most socialist community in Spain, the one in which the PSOE ruled without interruption for 37 years.

After Vox has warned that it would not give a single vote to the PP without entering the Government, its threats remain in boring water. Moreno doesn’t need anyone. Macarena Olona It is not the electoral cannon that his people predicted and it remains at 14 seats, just two above those they achieved when in 2018 they broke into the institutions for the first time and by surprise.

The PSOE falls to 32 deputies. Loses one with respect to the last elections, when this party already signed the worst result in its history in Andalusia. It will be difficult to digest this result and it will be necessary to see if this party falls from the psychological ground of one million votes, a barrier that, if crossed, would greatly complicate what remains for Pedro Sánchez towards the general elections. The punishment of the socialists in a community in which they have been hegemonic for almost 40 years is very important and undermines the mood of the party.

The rest of the left also suffers a resounding failure. Through Andalusia remains in five seats and Forward Andalusia, the mark of Teresa Rodríguez, reaches two. The sum would be ten seats below what they got three and a half years ago. The severe punishment for the left is a warning.

Citizens up to 72% of scrutiny continues outside the Andalusian Parliament. It is the great disaster that they have already experienced at the national level. They go from 21 deputies to zero. They disappear from the Andalusian Parliament despite the coalition with the PP, which takes all the center-right vote.

historic turnaround

Juan Manuel Moreno’s PP managed to come to power in Andalusia by surprise at the hands of Cs and after an investiture agreement with Vox. It did so with the worst result in its history in some regional elections, 26 deputies. This result represents a historic turnaround in a community that has always opted for the majority of the socialist ballot.

The long-awaited social transformation that Moreno has fought for, selling a moderate and centrist profile, with a management that he has assured was far from ideologies, fulfills its mission. With this data, the PP cements its absolute majority by swallowing Cs, rescuing the vote that went to Vox and also convincing socialist voters in previous elections to lend their vote to Moreno to stop Vox.

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In the last Andalusian elections, in December 2018, the PSOE won with 33 deputies, the PP won 26, Ciudadanos 21, Adelante Andalucía 17 and Vox 12.

For the first time in history since 1982 in some regional elections, the PP wins in the eight provinces of Andalusia, including Seville, which has always been socialist in all calls, the Gallic village that resisted even in the most delicate moments of the PSOE. Not anymore.

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