The PP is close to the absolute majority in Andalusia and surpasses the entire left, according to the CIS

The PP this very close to achieving an absolute majority in Andalusia, according to the survey of the Sociological Research Center (CIS) for Andalusia. This poll places the PP in John Manuel Moreno in a bracket between 47 and 49 deputies, close to the 55 that represent the absolute majority. Cs would fall significantly but could remain in the Andalusian Chamber with between 1 and 3 deputies. That sum would allow Moreno to caress the formation of a Government without Vox, but it would still require the abstention of other groups in Parliament.

The CIS pre-election poll for Andalusia, published hours before the June 19 electoral campaign starts this morning, places Vox ahead of the 12 deputies it garnered in the 2018 Andalusian elections, with a range of between 17 and 21 seats and a percentage of votes of 15%, the ceiling set for the far-right party in most published polls.

The sum of the lefts would be behind the PP and very far from being able to form a Government in Andalusia. The PSOE is stagnant with a result, according to the CIS, between 32 and 36 seats. Anything that involves falling below the 33 deputies that the Socialists obtained in 2018 is a failure. The survey shows a slight margin of improvement. To date, the key has been the high level of demobilization of the leftist electorate in the community.

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For Andalusia, the confluence of IU, Podemos, Más País and other Andalusian forces, would obtain, according to the data of this survey, between 9 and 10 deputies. The formation led by Teresa Rodríguez, Adelante Andalucía, could enter the Chamber with two seats. In the highest sum, 12 deputies, the rupture on the left would leave worse results than those of the last autonomic ones, when they reached 17 deputies opting for a confluence of all parties.

The survey indicates that Jaén Deserves More, a platform linked to the Empty Spain, could enter the Andalusian Chamber with a seat. The still photo differs little from what other surveys have pointed out or the Barometer of the Andalusian Studies Center (Centra).

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