The PP demands his emails from Marlaska: he suspects that he already knew that the attack was false and maintained his accusations

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A case in which the Ministry of the Interior is again involved is now threatening to turn against the head of its portfolio, Fernando Grande-Marlaska. The episode of the false homophobic aggression in Malasaña (Madrid), such as the threats with bullets in the electoral campaign whose author was never found, will write a new chapter in the coming days after the offensive that the opposition has started against the minister .

In this sense, the Popular Party has just demanded, through a request for an appearance, that Marlaska clarify at the parliamentary headquarters why he assured in different media that there would be “immediate arrests” with which to arrest the 8 anonymous hooded men. those that a 20-year-old man pointed out as the culprits of having broken his lip and writing the word “fag” on his buttock with a sharp object.

In PP it demands to Interior that Marlaska explains in the Congress of the Deputies what information did he handle about the case and why he pointed to various political adversaries such as the creators of such serious events.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has also registered a parliamentary initiative with the intention that the cabinet and the minister’s closest circle answer the following questions with a view to clarifying what the minister knew or did not know. They are as follows:

-When has the Ministry of the Interior been aware, day and hour, that the young man had not been the victim of a homophobic crime?

-Who was transmitting the information to the Minister of the Interior since Sunday and on what was it based to point out political opponents, in his public statements?

-What is the reason why the Minister of the Interior pointed out alleged culprits, even speaking of ‘immediate arrests’, when the investigation had not yet finished? “

In addition, deputies Carlos Rojas and Ana Vázquez, both of the PP, demand that the Interior, also through another request, send them “a copy of the police reports; a copy of all the reports or any document made by the Police referring to said complaint; and a copy of all the documents that were sent to the cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior with said information, as well as a copy of the emails that the Minister of the Interior and the Secretary of State for Security received on this matter “.


The inquiries of the agents of the Central District Police Station and the Provincial Information Brigade of the National Police made him finally give up. 30 troops for three days reviewed all the cameras, their social networks, questioned the neighbors and the merchants in the area, until they found that there was nothing that the young man had narrated.

Only then did they manage to make him recognize that, in reality, everything was a lie with which the boy tried to hide from his partner a sexual practice that he had had with third parties.

At first, the 20-year-old young man reported to the Police that he had been assaulted by eight hooded men in the doorway of his house on Sunday afternoon, that they had recorded a “fag” and an inverted cross with a knife on the buttock. And that while they were doing it they uttered insults like “fag shit”, “disgusting”, “eat shit” O “antichrist”.

The Malasaña portal where the young man said he was attacked.

The Malasaña portal where the young man said he was attacked.


The first thing that surprised the agents was the young man’s own story, as well as the circumstances that surrounded him. That in broad daylight, in an area as crowded as Malasaña on weekends, no one would have noticed anything about a group aggression of that magnitude, especially on the street where the events occurred, near the Plaza del 2 de Mayo , always full of neighbors, tourists and visitors.

These same people allegedly cut him several times with a razor on both his lower lip and his gullet, where they had branded the word “fag”. The police were investigating the assault as a hate crime.


After listening to him, they proceeded to analyze all the cameras, and when they did not find any evidence in any of them, they proceeded to question possible witnesses, shopkeepers from the neighborhood and the area, residents of the building and others nearby. No one had seen anything.

After the news of the last days in which different indications were advancing that did not add up, he was summoned again at the police station of the Downtown District, on Leganitos Street, for a new interrogation. The young man ended up confessing the lie.

Accusations to Vox

The minister, to questions from journalists this Thursday, wanted justify himself and downplay something he sees as “anecdotal.” He also says that he found out on Thursday afternoon, like everyone else, when the truth of this case was known. “I found out yesterday afternoon when the complainant testified about the facts and modified his statement. Good proof of this is that the Minister of the Interior himself, aware of what this matter had brought to public opinion, gave the news and explained what that had happened in the course of the investigation, “he said.

“The Police had not given suspicions – he insisted -. In addition, these investigations are very complex, there are many working hypotheses, many hypotheses in the investigations until they are finally developed and concluded.”

Grande-Marlaska, like other members of the Government, had repeatedly accused Vox over the previous days, claiming to have played “to the limit” in respect for diversity and democratic values. The first of the times he did it took place on Tuesday night, in an interview he gave on the SER string.

There he linked the fictitious aggression with the formation of the extreme right, and defended that it was “evident” that the “sometimes diffuse public and political speeches”, and also those that are pronounced on social networks, generate “a breeding ground” for there to be “a hate crime”.

Regarding the words of the general secretary of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, linking the aggression with illegal immigration, the minister responded that “xenophobia is the leading cause of hate crime.” “I don’t like who is going to put out a fire with gasoline“.

The next day, on Wednesday morning, he gave another interview on the RTVE 24-Hour Channel. There, he again linked Vox’s speech with the “breeding ground” that later encourages the “intensification” of speeches framed in hate crimes, because they show, he said, a “contempt for the different.”

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