The plenary session of the Congress of Deputies experienced almost unanimous applause on Tuesday. All the groups except Vox stood ovation to the PSOE deputy, Lydia Guinart, who, like those of other groups on the left and minority formations in the Lower House, decided to dedicate their entire speech to reading the names of women murdered by gender violence since there is a statistical record of them, in 2003.

All this with the declared objective of combating Vox’s “denialism” in this matter, just when a Law Proposal of the Santiago Abascal on Intrafamily Violence.

Before citing the first names of the murdered women, Deputy Guinart pronounced a few words by way of introduction: “In memory of the 1,081 women murdered since 2003 in Spain and in front of those who try to deny reality, from the Socialist Parliamentary Group we want say loudly that violence does have a gender “. An intervention traced to that of Podemos and the minority, who also received the applause of all the deputies, except those of Abascal.

The debate on the Vox rule served to once again highlight the loneliness of the right-wing formation against the consensus on the Gender Violence Law. PP and Ciudadanos decided not to participate in the action coordinated by the PSOE and the rest of the parliamentary forces. However, in addition to applauding the names of the victims, the popular ones agreed to point out as “denialist” the position of the party to their right.

PP against Vox

The people’s deputy Alicia garcia He began his intervention in the speakers’ rostrum stating that his group applauded these victims as it has always done with the victims of terrorism. “Always in our memory,” he emphasized.

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García, on the other hand, distributed blame between the “denial” of the problem by Vox and the attitude of the coalition government between PSOE and Podemos, which in his opinion is not applying with enough speed the more than two hundred recommendations approved within the State Pact. “Go from the muses to the theater, because they arrive on March 8 devastated” affirmed the parliamentarian of the first opposition party.

The Vox initiative was defended by the deputy Carla Toscano from Balbín, who stated that “with this bill we ask for equality for men and women. How strong! What looks!” ironized. Toscano accused the PP of being a “cowardly and servile” party and “an accomplice of gender laws.”

In his opinion, it must be repealed for violating that equality between the sexes and for establishing, he literally stated, “exceptional courts” violating the “presumption of innocence” of men.

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