The popularity of the CAQ is scary

As a reminder, here is its definition. Achilles’ heel is a fatal weakness despite great overall strength. This reference here applies metaphorically to other personal traits that could lead Mr. Legault to failure.

François Legault is not an intellectual, whose function is to play with concepts. He is a pragmatic man repelled by ideological discourse. An accountant by training, he prefers the alignment of figures, which makes him a moderate man in politics. A man of accommodations rather than confrontations.

At the PQ, he was surrounded by charismatic tenors who handled words like Guy Lafleur outsmarted goalkeepers and dumbfounded the public with his legendary goals.

The leader of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade, this week accused the prime minister of having no heart when he talks about immigrants. Not only is the Leader of the Opposition hurtful towards François Legault, but she is misguided.


Mr. Legault is uncomfortable when it comes to talking about concepts such as identity nationalism, immigration, systemic racism, trap words that are used with force and even perversion by his opponents, including the ideologues who disdain and despise him, now fearing his stratospheric popularity.

The current polls ahead of the October election are driving opposition political parties crazy. The media are in a state of alert in front of the voting intentions which could result in a tidal wave where the CAQ would find itself with more than one hundred deputies in the National Assembly.

To be honest, François Legault’s Achilles’ heel is not only the fact that he gets bogged down in words, as he did when speaking of the eventual “Louisianization” of Quebec in reference to the downward demographic curve French, but, paradoxically, it is also the “too” massive support of Francophones for the CAQ.

Let us add that a significant part of allophones supports the policy of François Legault not only in his management of the pandemic, but also in terms of immigration. Ask Quebec immigrants who have already integrated and learned French if they all share Justin Trudeau’s multicultural vision of post-national Canada.


Immigration is a risky topic. As well as Quebec nationalism. Prime Minister Legault is, of course, better equipped intellectually to debate the economy and business than politically disturbing matters, because they are highly passionate and existential.

British historian Arnold Toynbee’s remark that “the law of numbers is unavoidable” should be added to Quebec’s motto. Immigration is absolutely necessary in French-speaking Quebec, which only survived centuries thanks to the revenge of the cradles until 1960.

François Legault must name all of reality in black and white. Without imposing on immigrants French as the language of communication in Quebec, the collective future of the nation will not be assured. After the “no” of the two referendums, the current vision of the CAQ in power is our last chance.

Are we going to punish François Legault for the immense support he receives from voters? Because none of the other parties in the running is empowered to govern because of its programs which only attract minorities of voters.

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