He has written it in ‘La Razón’ Jorge Fernández Díaz, the ex-minister of Rajoy who wanted to be ambassador in the Vatican. Saturday’s 40-minute audience with the vice president Yolanda Diaz it was relevant. First, because the Pope only usually gives audiences of this type to Heads of State or Government. In addition, the photos of the meeting with which she is also a candidate for the next general elections They are not just formal. They indicate some proximity.

Why did Yolanda Díaz want the audience? One, because Bergoglio is not seen in the world of Podemos as “the enemy”. Pablo Iglesias, despite his radicalism, has already requested it, although he did not obtain it. More importantly, because the interview of a vice president of the left of the Government (she is a member of the PCE) with the Pope guarantees extensive press and TV coverage. And Yolanda, who is already better known than a few months ago, needs more notoriety.

Yolanda knows that the costumes count and that an audience with Pope Francis, perfectly arranged for the occasion, gives an image of respectability and non-sectarian normality. She knows that she is more valued by atheists and those who say they have no religion than by Catholics. And more for non-practitioners than practitioners. In this way, it tries to approach sectors that are less favorable to it and distance itself from the far-left slogans.

Overflow from the right to Pedro Sanchez, who wants to appoint ambassador to the Vatican the former minister Celáa that she is not -Fernandez Díaz dixit- friend of the concerted school, is to know that to win you have to bite in the center. Quite the opposite of scaring him.

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Yolanda Díaz has reflexes. To say that the meeting was “exciting & rdquor; sounds good and has some ambiguity. It does not imply agreement or disagreement. But abusing these types of reactions, as when in his act in Valencia with Monica Oltra and Ada Colau he said that “today something wonderful starts & rdquor ;, borders on the corny. Perhaps it is not bad if it tries to break borders and not be pigeonholed in “a corner to the left of the PSOE & rdquor ;.

But Diaz’s big problem is the lack of party. We can support her, but she is not to Podemos what Felipe was to the PSOE or Aznar to the PP. Ione Belarra It is not the Alfonso Guerra of 1982. Can an election be won without having a solid party machine behind it? In Spain, no. But Macron It did so in France after the failure of the right (Sarkozy, 2007-2012) and the socialists (Hollande, 2012-2017). Of course, in France, Macron won some presidential elections (and later the legislative ones), and here they are legislative and with provincial constituencies.

And what will he do in the Andalusian women in 2022? In presidential logic he should look the other way, but can he do it in a regional government that will be seen as the first act of a very close generals? Conclusion, Yolanda Díaz works well, but lacks game. Or an artifact a la Macron that integrated many socialists and liberals with trade.

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The other question is why Pope Francis receives the ‘second vice president’ with deference. Bergoglio is neither a conservative Pope like Wojtyla nor a Christian Democrat à la Montini and He does not want the PP – or even Vox – to be able to become the defenders of the Church. He does not want a Rouco Varela who, supported by Wojtyla, pushed the vote to the right.

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And there is more. A PP spokeswoman said it was the meeting of two communists. A nonsense. But Bergoglio, as an Argentine nothing alien to Peronism, he can see with sympathy a justicialist movement that is repelled by capitalism.


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