The police ‘sewer’ hatched the investigation that sent Sandro Rosell to jail

The ‘sewers’ of the Police of the Government of Mariano Rajoy maneuvered in 2014 to initiate an investigation, without judicial control, against the then president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rossell, who was arrested in May 2017 and remained in preventive detention for almost two years, until he was acquitted in the trial held at the National High Court.

‘El Periódico de España’, a medium that belongs to the same publishing group, Prensa Ibérica, as this newspaper, has had access to documents, testimonials and recordings which show that Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo initiated the investigations against Rosell under the umbrella of the ‘Barna Project’ or ‘Operation Catalonia’, which is what is called the irregular investigation opened by the PP Government Police to accuse Catalan politicians and characters supposedly from his environment of corruption crimes.

Formally, the investigation that sent Rosell to jail began in 2015 and remained secret until his arrest in 2017. But there is a recording that shows that on the day of the arrest of the former Barça president, a police officer called José Luis Pérez, complainant and person with whom Villarejo had contacted in 2014, to thank you for your cooperation in the case.

Villarejo himself wrote on January 10, 2014 in his diary the first quote related to his investigation into Sandro Rosell, who from different political sectors was accused of having put FC Barcelona at the service of Catalan independence.

At that time, Villarejo had already recruited for his ‘Barna Project’ Victoria Alvarezwho was a former partner of Jordi Pujol Ferrusola -and one of the main witnesses who allowed the start of the so-called Pujol case-; and to former police officer Antonio Giménez Raso, appears in the commissioner’s agendas. Both, according to those same notes, received from the reserved funds of the Ministry of the Interior around 2,000 euros per month for providing data of alleged police interest. And precisely that January 10, the commissioner wrote in his agenda: “José L. Pérez. See us Hotel Fénix 6:00 p.m. Monday.”

This contact at the Hotel Fénix coincided in time with the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office to ask the National Court to admit a lawsuit filed against the then president of FC Barcelona, ​​for the signing of the Brazilian Neymar Junior. On January 22, 2014, the judge opened a case for the purchase of the player, a decision that preceded the resignation of Rosell, who was relieved by Josep Maria Bartomeu. In it case Neymar, Barça paid two fines for a total amount of 5.5 million for two crimes of fraud against the Treasury in the signing of the player, after having reached an agreement with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office. The court ruled ‘in voce’.

“Stick with the Rosell theme”

A few days earlier, on Monday, January 13, Villarejo again quoted Pérez in his diary: “JL Pérez. Hotel Fénix. The Transparency of Sandro Rosell“, alluding to the blog that whoever became Villarejo’s contact had opened. A few days later, on January 28, 2014, the commissioner again mentioned the former president of FC Barcelona: “Jose Luis Perez. viki’s friend [Victoria Álvarez]. He wants to talk on Monday to continue with the Rosell issue and the rest“.

José Luis Pérez has confirmed to this medium that he actually met with Villarejo. He met with him on January 13 at the Fénix hotel in Madrid. He also met former Police inspector Antonio Giménez Raso, who, according to the informant, appeared before him under the name “Andrés”, and attended the meeting accompanied by two people who “did not identify themselves as policemen, but were from Udef “. Villarejo identifies Giménez Raso in his diary with the name of “Tony”, who worked under the orders of the controversial commissioner in the ‘Barna Project’. About him he writes: “Tony: Rosell. Both issues are already underway”.

the commissioner He would also have talked with the then Secretary of State for Security Francisco Martínez in relation to the independence movement and “Rosell”, always according to your annotations. Martínez, who is accused of espionage on former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas or ‘Operation Kitchen’, denies the veracity of Villarejo’s notes, at the same time that he has denied having received information on the activities of the former police commander.

Prosecutor Daniel Campos

Pérez, Villarejo’s informant in the ‘Barna Project’, assures this newsroom that in parallel he reported to an Anti-Corruption prosecutor the events allegedly linked to Rosell, which ended with the former president in preventive detention for two years, until he was acquitted in the trial held at the National High Court. However, this wording has confirmed that the indicated prosecutor was not the one who promoted these investigations, which were carried out by prosecutors Vicente González Mota and Daniel Campos.. The latter was in charge of investigating the Ausbanc casewhose origin is also linked to Villarejo, forms part of the so-called Tandem operation.

And as proof that his complaints led to Rosell’s arrest, José Luis Pérez has published a recording of a phone call that a police command responsible for the operation in which the former Barça president was arrested would have carried out. “Jose Luis, [te llamo] to tell you a quick thing, so you can see that your efforts have not been in vain“, says the police “chief”, who is interrupted by Pérez: “I know that they have arrested Sandro Rosell. It seems that at least one has fallen. They have confirmed to me from the United States that Teixeira has been arrested [expresidente de la Federación Brasileña de Fútbol], Sandro’s wife is detained…”, continues the complainant. “I can’t help you there anymore…. What has come out is public”, continues the supposed police agent, who is again interrupted by Pérez: “Yes, yes, yes, don’t worry, I fully understand, don’t worry. At the moment the day is being wonderful and it has cost me a lot to get here and without help, you know, and without means”, he concludes.

Victoria Álvarez introduced me to Villarejo. And we met at the Hotel Fénix. In that meeting, they talk about Sandro Rosell and Ramón Cierco”, acknowledges Pérez, which confirms that these contacts took place “right” in the middle of ‘Operation Catalonia’, although he says he does not believe that the commissioner was interested in starting a police investigation against Catalan personalities. Ramón Cierco was president of Banca Privada d’Andorra together with his brother Higini and was part of the Board of Directors of Barça during the presidency of Sandro Rosell. He was also vice president of the FCB Foundation.

Asked by this newspaper if Villarejo was trying to investigate whether Sandro Rosell was a pro-sovereignty, this informant flatly rejected it. “Not at all, not at all. When he agrees to meet with me it is to see what may interest him for his business. Villarejo has never had an interest in the issue of independence“, reiterates Pérez, who assures that at the time of the meetings he did not know that María Victoria Álvarez was charging from the reserved funds for providing information to the ‘Barna Project’.

“A private CNI”

“You have to compare them with a private CNI. What they did is collect information. They had no interest in any specific person. I have met him twice at the Hotel Fénix and once at the Ritz. There is one thing that is very relevant : I report drug trafficking and human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation, commissions and money laundering, but he has never processed anything“, the Mint.

In Villarejo’s agendas there is one last entry on Rosell, in which the commissioner points out data on one of the alleged businesses of the former president of FC Barcelona. A man, whom he calls “Enric”, informs him that I was going to travel to Doha (Qatar) “with the president of Barça (Rosell). He wants to close 30% for 1,000 million euros. I tell him that it does not seem possible so quickly and so much. Other than that, all very interesting.”

‘Rimet Case’

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Legal sources familiar with the instruction of this procedure assure that this last note by Villarejo refers to one of the causes that was initially investigated regarding the advertising of FC Barcelona shirts. The Judicial Police accused Rosell of having benefited from the contract that allowed the Barça club to obtain 166 million euros. However, these facts were not finally included in the indictment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court.

Currently, Rosell has two new trials pending: the first is also related to the signing of Brazilian Neymar Junior, for which the Public Ministry is asking for five years in prison for Rosell. The second is for an alleged tax fraud of €230,000 that would have occurred in 2012. The Prosecutor’s Office claims in this case for the former president of FC Barcelona a sentence of two years and nine months in prison.

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