The plenary session of L’Hospitalet refuses to request the resignation of Marín

  • ERC requests the departure of the mayor and the deputy mayor Cristian Alcázar for the ‘Consell Esportiu case’

  • The Socialists accuse the Republicans and the ‘Commons’ of acting with “hypocrisy” and ignoring similar cases in their ranks

The plenary session of the City Council of L’Hospitalet has rejected this Wednesday a motion, presented by ERC, which asked that all the members of the consistory accused in the case of the alleged diversion of funds in the Consell Esportiu of the city resign from their positions, among them the mayor, Núria Marín, and the deputy mayor, Cristian Alcázar.

The plenary has become a crossing of reproaches with two clear sides. On the one hand, ERC, the ‘comuns’ and the PP, who have supported the motion. On the other, the PSC, which has rejected it, and Ciutadans, whose abstention has been key to its definitive rejection.

Both the socialists and the representative of Cs have stressed that ERC and the ‘commons’ act with “hypocrisy” and “demagogy” in this case. The PSC councilor Fran Belver has recalled that there are four ‘consellers’ of the Govern under investigation, one of them – the head of Education, Josep González Cambray – for “benefiting the businesses” of the former Republican leader Xavier Vendrell, and that ERC does not ask for his resignation .

Belver has also underlined the “maximum cynicism of the ‘commons'”, who do not act the same with Marín as with Ada Colau, the also accused mayor of Barcelona, ​​when, according to him, they face “a judicial process for the same reasons.” “We are not sectarian, we maintain the same criteria when it comes to someone from our ranks or theirs,” said the Socialist councilor to remember that the PSC does not ask for Colau’s resignation.

Resignations only at City Hall

Cs has abstained after the ERC did not accept his amendments to the motion in the sense that the resignation of other imputed political leaders, such as Cambray, Colau or Gerard Figueras. The current secretary of Foreign Action of the Generalitat is being investigated, according to the orange councilor Miguel García, also in the ‘Consell Esportiu case’ for the alleged crimes of misappropriation, document falsification and prevarication, among others.

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The promoter of the motion, the Republican Toni García, has affirmed that, after the searches in the City Council of Cornellà last week, the “oil stain of the corruption of some members of the PSC extends to other municipalities”. In his opinion, a case in which “improper compensation, unjustified diets, the payment of the tow truck that took a councilor’s car and even the payment of a PSC campaign meal” are investigated deserves the resignation of the accused of the consistory.

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