The Plante administration wants to make Montreal cleaner

The City of Montreal announces the deployment of a “rigorous cleanliness program”, with the aim of improving the cleaning of streets and public spaces in the metropolis. Hiring of personnel, installation of ashtrays and cartographic compilations are notably planned for this purpose.

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In terms of personnel, the City has announced the addition of 20 “additional resources” to supply its cleaning brigade, which will increase its workforce to 250 people who will roam the streets between April and November.

About a hundred seasonal blue-collar positions will be converted into permanent positions, to increase the number of staff dedicated to cleaning, particularly for the spring period.

In order to better understand cleanliness needs, the City has started mapping calls made to 311.

“Citizens’ requests will now be used both to respond to requests, but also, they will be used statistically to identify sectoral cleanliness issues and improve the quality of service”, explained Alain Dufort, Deputy Director General of the City, during a presentation to the City’s Executive Committee.

The maps show, for each borough, the sectors receiving the most calls, and where the problem is therefore more glaring.

“Cleanliness issues are not static, they change in nature and location over time,” said Mr. Dufort, explaining to this effect that the data will be updated from time to time.

To improve recovery on the public domain, the City will also deploy “large-scale” recovery islands in parks and on commercial arteries. A pilot project with “aesthetic” equipment will be tested this year in the borough of Saint-Léonard, replacing “traditional” tools.

Cleanliness had been one of the issues of the last election campaign, while the vision of the problem had been one of the subjects of confrontation between Valérie Plante and Denis Coderre.

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