The pits of Zemmour, by Emma Riverola

The first mass deportation of Jews in Western Europe it was in Paris, on May 14, 1941. Like all subsequent events, she was executed by the French police under German supervision. The Vichy regime was the puppet government of the Nazi occupation, complicit in the Jewish extermination and ruthless with the opponents.

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Vichy is there shame from france. An uncomfortable memory that, for decades, was avoided to recognize. Now, Eric Zemmour, the possible French presidential candidate, the man to the right of Marine Le Pen, has dared to say the unspeakable: he has vindicated the Vichy regime, ensuring that saved French Jews by deporting foreign Jews. That idea was already exposed in his book ‘French suicide’ (2014) and already then it was contested by historians. Of the 76,000 deportees, 25,000 were French. Zemmour is Jewish, it is difficult to assimilate all the betrayals of his thought. Polls show that if you run for office, could get to go to the second round. He, like Trump, like so many, claim to love the country, but they only drag it into the pits of their mistakes, of their horrors. Anything goes to scandalize, to envelop us in the stench of the unspeakable.

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