The photo of Juanma Moreno with Espadas irritates Vox: “We will not betray our voters”

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“Dialogue until exhaustion”. That is the phrase with which the Andalusian Government has illustrated the round of meetings that the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has maintained to gather support in the approval of the Andalusian Budgets.

To end the week, Moreno has summoned all the spokesmen Andalusian parliamentary groups, accompanied by the Minister of Finance and European Financing, Juan Bravo, as responsible for the preparation of the Andalusian accounts.

Everyone has attended the meetings, one per group, except Inmaculada Nieto, spokesperson for Podemos Andalucía, who has been replaced by the general secretary of Podemos for Andalusia, Martina Velarde, together with the general coordinator of Izquierda Unida in Andalusia, Toni Valero, and Ángeles Férriz, spokesperson for the Socialist Group. In his place the secretary general of the PSOE-A has come, Juan Espadas.

It has been Espadas as leader of the opposition who, by far, has come out the most satisfied after the meeting with the Chairman of the Board. It has gone so well that Espadas has even stated that he has “the feeling” that “an agreement is possible”, which he has described as “historical“should it be closed. He has indicated that this agreement could be extended to other issues that even” could go beyond the budget agreement for 2022. “

The secretary general of the PSOE-A has explained that in the next few days he will receive a call from the Minister of Finance, Juan Bravo, “to set up the first technical meetings.” Regarding these meetings, the socialist leader stressed that they will have to accelerate them “to see the possibility of an agreement before the Budget project reaches parliamentary headquarters and decide position politics “of the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Chamber.

Agreement “possible”

The socialist leader stressed that he is leaving this meeting “with the feeling that a political agreement is possible” which, if it is finally achieved, “would be historic for Andalusia and, without a doubt, a very powerful message that another way of understanding politics in Spain is possible “.

If good feelings are consolidated in an agreement, it would be “a clear message that it is possible to advance in this country in big deals of State between the two great political parties that have the majority of popular support “.

Both Espadas and Moreno seem to agree that the main thing is to ensure that Andalusia has a economic document for 2022 prepared in accordance with the current needs of the community, thus avoiding the extension of the 2021 budgets. According to Espadas, this motive “focuses and stabilizes us socialists on what Spain and Andalusia need right now, which is economic recovery. and put a solution to the problems “of citizenship.

It is about “not letting politics permanently be a problem for citizens rather than a solution“added the Andalusian socialist before commenting that” we are going to work “in the search for that agreement and,” if we get it, surely we will have made a big favor to Spanish politics and we will have made a good decision for the interests of the Andalusians “

Vox requires

For his part, the Vox spokesperson in the Andalusian Parliament, Manuel Gavira, has stated that, during the meeting with Juanma Moreno, he has transferred to him that the support of his training for the accounts passes through the “full compliance“of the investiture and budgetary agreements previously signed.

Vox, according to Gavira, is clear that he is not going to “betray your voters” and therefore requires compliance with the agreements signed with the Government of PP-A and Ciudadanos (Cs) so far in the legislature as a condition to support new regional accounts.

“We are faithful to our commitments to our voters, supporters and affiliates,” as Manuel Gavira has sentenced. The spokesperson has also abounded that he has communicated to Juanma Moreno that from now on, “the only place where Vox will talk about budgets” will be in parliament Andalusian, “with light and stenographers”. “The Government already knows our agreements and demands. Vox will not be accomplice of the decisions of a Juanma Moreno dedicated to managing the socialist heritage, “he said.

He pointed out that the change in Andalusia “only goes through Vox” and that if the current government wants to continue with the same policies as years ago it has “other options, the PSOE.” He has taken the opportunity to express that the general secretary of the Andalusian Socialists, Juan Espadas, “after the events that we have known a few weeks ago”, in reference to the complaints from Vox about the hiring of his wife in the Junta de Andalucía, should “have resigned” and that the PSOE-A should elect another candidate.

For his part, Andalusian government has stated that the main objective of the round of consultations between the Andalusian president and the spokespersons is to “lay the foundations for dialogue”, and that the approval of the new accounts is essential “so that the autonomous community continues to champion the economic and social recovery“, according to the spokesman, Elías Bendodo.

For Bendodo, one of the hallmarks of the Government of Juanma Moreno is “the dialogue until exhaustion“to achieve better goals for the Andalusians.

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