The people of Barcelona are unstoppable, by Gerard Esteva, Gabriel Jené and Ferran Piqué

On October 6, we presented the transversal movement Barcelona is Unstoppable, a platform that already has more than one hundred Barcelona entities that we have come together to explain what we want end the period of degradation and discouragement where does the city live and make it regain your leadership as a European reference. In these little more than 10 days of life, more than 1,500 people have adhered to the manifesto, a fact that shows the discontent that is breathed in the city.

Barcelona is Unstoppable It is made up of all kinds of entities that represent Barcelona in its broadest essence. People from all districts and sectors of the city who want a neighborhood revival, commerce, research, culture, sports and education, among others. We arose from the concern of the majority of Barcelonians concerned about how Barcelona is evolving at the moment. And it is that all the indices mark us one decreased quality of life in the city and an increase in incivism and insecurity. Faced with this situation, we have to activate citizens and show that we are not satisfied with how the city is evolving, so we ask and we demand a change in trend to reverse these negative indicators.

Barcelona is Unstoppable it is not a political movement that intends to become a party or stand in an election. We are a social, citizen and civic movement driven by entities that we intend to: denounce the decline of the city from all sectors; be catalysts for the malaise of the people of Barcelona with a concentration; activate articulated civil society to act and monitor more, and fight for a Barcelona that is friendly and smiles.

From Barcelona is Unstoppable, we demand the involvement of citizens and entities to build, together with the administrations, a better and friendlier Barcelona for the people who live in it. A capital that does not turn its back on the country and that promotes its transformation.

For these reasons we encourage you to sign the manifest vindictive of Barcelona is Unstoppable. The manifesto of the strength and the heartbeat of the people of Barcelona who want to promote the Barcelona of ‘yes’. You can join through the web

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And we also invite you to attend the concentration that we have organized this Thursday, October 21, at seven o’clock in the afternoon in Plaça de Sant Jaume, to show our disagreement with the current situation in the city and ask to be heard. Because we want Barcelona to recover the mark of excellence that it has had for so many years and to renew our commitment to being a good neighbor with the city. For a city with ‘els peus al Born i el cap al món’.

With you, Barcelona is unstoppable.

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