The Pedralbes Festival saves its 10th edition this summer

The promoter Concert Studio will be able to organize this summer the new edition, the 10th, of the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival, as planned, after last Friday the bidding process opened a month ago by the City Council of Pedralbes was resolved in its favour. Barcelona. The surprise is that the rival, of unknown identity, whose existence precipitated this competition for the use of the public space of the Pedralbes gardens, finally did not appear, with which Concert Studio saw the path clear as it was the only applicant.

A situation that surprises this promoter, observing that “the attendance & rdquor; alleged to launch the bidding process, in the end “it did not exist & rdquor ;, Martín Pérez, director of Concert Studio, the promoter that created the exhibition in 2012 and has organized it since then, tells this newspaper. From the City Council, it is indicated that now the promoter only has to present the documentation to facilitate the transfer of the use of the gardens. A commission with the presence of both the City Council and the Generalitat (which, as the new owner of the palace and gardens of Pedralbes, will assume its management from 2023), will be in charge of “resolving doubts about technical and logistical aspects & rdquor ;, indicate council sources .

Capacity limitations

There is a reason for concern for Concert Studio, after a few weeks ago all the allegations presented to the City Council regarding the space limitations, the reduction of the restaurant offer and the cut in capacity to 2,400 locations, which represents more than 200 tickets less in most concerts. The promoter recalls that the Pedralbes public “is used to certain conditions of service and space” that, if now they are diminished, it will generate discomfort. Regarding the cut in capacity, he agrees to apply it, although he remembers that shows such as those of James Blunt, The Beach Boys, Patti Smith, Madness or Nile Rodgers & Chic, are of the format he calls ‘mixed’, with part of the public standing, on the track, which increases the capacity to 3,400 attendees.

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These are concerts contracted many months ago, even more than two years in some cases, under conditions that cannot be modified now. Martín Pérez remembers that in his day the City Council encouraged the festival to “put affordable ticket prices as far as possible & rdquor ;, and that it is necessary to be able to save these increased capacity “for the good of the public & rdquor ;, buyers that he sees as “heroes who have kept the entrance in all this time of pandemic & rdquor ;.

The Pedralbes Festival will present its 10th anniversary edition on Wednesday, adding new names to the lineup of 16 artists announced so far. After this edition, the ball of the future of Pedralbes will go to the field of the Generalitat, and there Martín Pérez recalls that he has an agreement signed by the Presidència that guarantees the continuity of the festival, in charge of Concert Studio, for a minimum of five years.

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