The party of remorse, by Jordi Mercader

Àngels Chacón, former Minister of Business, purged by Quim Torra for not embracing the legitimacy personified in Carles Puigdemont, aspires to lead the Catalan center-right. To give credence to his plan to form a new party with the Lliga, Lliures and Convergents, has resigned from the general secretariat of PDECat, the only one of these groups that has a small institutional capital in the municipal government and in the Congress of Deputies. The wreck of the CDC, caused by the independence turn and the judicial explosion of 3%, incubated since the glory days of Pujolismo, they look for a place in the sun. It does not seem like the political operation of the century but it does seem like a logical attempt to be able to do politics with some minimal aspirations.

Of course, the country could use a Catalan center-right with a presence in Parliament. A handful of moderate MPs could play their part in the consolidation of transversality, the only viable way out of the crisis caused by the ‘procés’ and encased by the politics of blocs. However, the fact that they are a group of illustrious people disappointed by the populist drift undertaken by most of their old colleagues at the CDC might not be enough merit to win the favor of the electorate with historical memory.

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The foundational drawback for the self-summoned to rebuild a CDC without judicial tolls and with a recognizable liberal score is that, except for a few (the former president of the Catalan Civil Society, Josep Ramon Bosch, among them), all the others they were carried away by the independence fervor of Artur Mas, the father of the Catalan national disaster. An indelible mistake. Most of these reborn in moderation speculated for a time with Puigdemont’s unilateral commitment and some with Torra’s surrealist stage. They did not see or did not want to see the disaster that they endorsed with their silence until it was undeniable. Now they want to see if there is an electorate that rewards remorse.

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