The partners of the PSOE agree on a radical Housing law to pressure Sánchez in the face of the Budgets

“Without a Housing Law, with rents going down, there are no Budgets.” And the PSOE knows it.

And its government partner, United We Can, not only says it but takes action. Together with the rest of the president’s parliamentary partners Pedro Sanchez, those of Yolanda Diaz register this Thursday in Congress a Proposal of Law of Guarantee of the Right to Decent and Adequate Housing, to which this newspaper has had access.

The firm of Pablo Echenique will be added to those of Gabriel Ruffian (ERC), Mertxe Aizpurua (Collect), Míriam Nogueras (Together), Íñigo Errejón (MP), Joan Baldoví (Commitment), Nestor Rego (BNG), Ana Oramas (CC) and Mireia Vehí (CUP).

“That is to say, the only ones who can get the budget draft approved and not returned to the Government,” explain sources from the purple formation. Total, 63 seats (almost 20% of the House) and nine different groups that would leave only the PSOE and no alternative majority. “In addition, they say that they are in a great hurry to obtain our support in the Budgets”, points out an Esquerra negotiator, “but without this they will not have it … and They do not have plan B, because Ciudadanos this year has said no“.

In any case, calm is the predominant message in the PSOE: “I do not think there is a real risk of amendment to the whole”, responds a socialist member of the Government to this newspaper, when he is warned of the maneuver of the purple and the rest of allies.

UGT against the PSOE

Representatives of the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), the Tenant Union, the association No Homeless … and the union leaders of CCOO, are also expected to attend the presentation of the legislative text in the Congress Registry. Unai Sordo, and the UGT, Pepe Alvarez.

The presence of the general secretary of the sister union of the PSOE, who on Monday described as “bullshit” the rise of 15 euros per month in the Interprofessional Minimum Wage that was finally granted by the first vice president, Nadia Calvin, is valued by United We Can as “a triumph”. But above all, as “a sign” that the Socialists are being left alone in this debate.

The general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, at the Julián Besteiro School in Madrid.

The general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, at the Julián Besteiro School in Madrid.


The stumbling block in this matter is only one, the intervention of the rental market to “lower prices” in the areas declared “of stressed market”. A commitment signed in the coalition agreement and made explicit in the early morning of orders and threats in which the public accounts for this year were closed. Since then, the PSOE has refused to comply with the agreement. And as you always remember when you have the chance Ione Belarra, “what is signed obliges”.

The terms of the rule were agreed 11 months ago -on October 28, 2020-, the draft would have to have passed through the Council of Ministers in February and have been sent to Congress in March.

But now the purples They present their own text, “the one we would like”, they assure. And it is a bet “much more radical” that the one that they agreed with the Socialists, although the PSOE accepted the intervention of the market of the rent.

Bolaños in the negotiation

Pedro Sánchez and Maria Jesus Montero they try to emit signals of calm. The minister commented this Wednesday in Congress that she does not foresee “difficulties to carry out the Budgets.” But on it depend, as he recalled, “the numbers”. Political negotiation, “is up to the president”. And Sánchez has ordered his right hand to roll up his sleeves, Felix Bolaños, Minister of the Presidency, who already led the budgetary contacts and has now also joined the Housing Ministry with Belarra.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, during the control session of the Government in Congress.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, during the control session of the Government in Congress.


The new Minister of Transport is also present at these meetings, Rachel Sanchez. His predecessor in the position, Jose Luis ÁbalosIt was also seen in the courtyard of the Carrera de San Jerónimo at the end of the control session. And in conversation with this newspaper he explained the position of the PSOE: “The problem in Spain is one of supply, and Lowering prices by law would retract it even more, I don’t believe in that model“Nor does his successor claim to do so … although Gavà took him in when she was mayor of the Barcelona population.

And that is the contradiction that the purple partners, the allies of Esquerra and the rest of the nationalist left that have supported the Sánchez government up to now.

As this newspaper has learned, Bolaños’ entry into the negotiation has not cleared the matter. The President’s Envoy has offered other types of concessions to United We Can, very close to those included in the Proposal of Law that is registered this Thursday in Congress. Between them, more difficulties for evictions and less facilities for power outages to vulnerable family units … that is to say, the “vital minimum supply” that this newspaper already reported a couple of weeks ago.

“But without rents there is no case”, insist the sources consulted in United We Can. “We are very far away, I the PSOE draws up the norm and protects the Catalan law that has resorted to the Constitutional, or their commitments for this year will not have credibility, if it leaves unfulfilled those of the past “, finishes a negotiator of Esquerra.

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