The PAN will not support an expensive and dirty electricity reform for Mexico: Marko Cortés

The constitutional reform in electrical matters promoted by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador approval is not feasible in the Union Congresswarned Marko Cortes Mendoza.

“National Action will not support a electrical reform expensive and dirty for Mexico. We have said it clearly, the counter-reform of the Moreno government is not going to happen. We will insist that a legal reform is preferable, more than a constitutional one, that promotes employment, encourages investments in generation of clean and renewable energyas it happens all over the world”.

The president of National Action Party (PAN) informed, on the eve of the discussion of the presidential initiative in the Chamber of Deputieswhich has instructed federal deputies and PAN senators to draw up with their peers from the PRI and PRDhis electoral allies, a counterproposal on the matter.

I have given precise instructions to our federal legislators to form a common front with legislators from the Va por México coalition to reject this reform that represents a return to a past that we no longer want, to convert the Federal electricity commission (CFE) in monopoly to make electricity more expensive and cause more pollution with the burning of fuel oil for the production of electricity”.

Through a press release, the PAN national leader ratified his party’s decision to oppose the “regressive and destructive electrical reform of the Moreno government, considering it highly harmful for Mexico because it would scare away investment for power generation, causing job losses and energy shortages, which would cause large blackouts, in addition to increasing the cost of electricity and causing serious damage to the means, medium environment”.

The “controversial reform electrical‘, which represents a “presidential whim,” assured Cortés Mendoza, would cost Mexicans “more than 500,000 million pesos, according to studies carried out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), considering the current private investments in clean energy generation projects and the renovation of the plants of the Federal Commission on Electricity”.

In addition, he warned that “among the immediate consequences that the reform of the Morenista government would bring are the massive blackouts in all regions of the country, such as those registered in 2021 in Nuevo León, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Durango, Sonora and Ciudad. from Mexico.

“With the energy monopoly that the Morenista government intends to establish through the CFEMexico would be identified with countries with dictatorships or authoritarian governments, in addition to non-compliance with international treaties such as those Paris Agreements against polluting emissions.

According to the statement, the Michoacan “demanded the López Obrador government to respect national and international investments in the electricity sector and supported the call also made by the United States government to respect all investments in the matter and jobs. that they generate.

And a quote that concluded: “We oppose the scaring away of productive investments in the electricity sector, we want to promote all those that take care of the environment, guarantee the national supply, generate employment and bet on clean and cheap energy. Enough backtracking. We Mexicans want to advance and with a united, firm and courageous opposition. The morenista government will not be able to do so.”

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