The PAN in Nuevo León proposes to create an economic emergency law for the state

Monterrey, NL. The legislative group of National Action Party (PAN) presented an initiative to create an economic emergency law for the state of Nuevo León, through which it asks the state executive to establish a budget fund of 0.5% to 1% of the total of the Expenditure Law of 2022, equivalent to an amount between 580 and 1,160 million pesos, to address the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, on businesses and families.

In this initiative, which was presented by deputy Nancy Olguín Díaz, before the official office of parts of the State Congress, the state president is also asked to include 65% of the income collected through the Tax on Expenditures in Games in this fund with Bets, while the Economic Emergency is declared in force.

“The purpose of this law is to regulate the power conferred on the head of the state executive by Article 85, section XVII, of the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Nuevo León, to issue the declaration of economic emergency in situations of force majeure or extraordinary situation of any kind that originate or may cause a serious impairment to the economy of the state and its inhabitants ”, indicates the explanatory statement.

The declaration of economic emergency will be applied, when the Quarterly Indicator of State Economic Activity (ITAEE), published by Inegi, reports two quarters with negative figures.

Said declaration will be requested by the Economic Emergency Consultative Council, before the governor of Nuevo León.

“We are one month away from the end of this fiscal year 2021, and we are still experiencing the ravages of this pandemic that caused us Covid-19,” said Nancy Olguín.

The PAN legislator stressed that said law intends to be a preamble to take pertinent and timely actions, which are the faculty of the state executive, to implement economic measures that help to compensate the damage caused by the pandemic to the economy of the state and its inhabitants.

“We want to regulate, through the authority that (the state president) has, the creation of a Economic Emergency Advisory Council”, He emphasized.

The Council will be made up of the governor of Nuevo León, and the secretaries of Finance, Economy, Labor, Regional and Agricultural Development, Citizen Participation, Comptroller’s Office, two mayors of the Metropolitan Area, 8 representatives of intermediate organizations, two union representatives, two representatives of the municipalities in the southern area and two more in the northern area.

The declaration must address, without limitation, emergency measures regarding employment; foreign investment; micro, small and medium enterprises, and people with business activity; big enterprises; rural sector; state financial and municipal collaboration.

The initiative proposes an increase in productive public investment for transportation, roads, road infrastructure, water, and clean energy; stimulation of tourism, entertainment, sports, culture and business; support and training for sectors affected by the economic emergency; programs that facilitate the adoption of remote employment.

However, in this scenario, it also proposes exemption from state taxes for new foreign investments, state tax incentives; training and transition to remote employment models; subsidies and incentives for hiring women, youth and students; strengthening existing clusters and linking with international sectors; Public-private partnerships and synergies in sustainable economic development.

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