• The princess did not assist at the festivities of Santa Devota, except for her conviction ‘satisfactory form and very attentive’

Charlene of Monaco wanted to take part in a very famous act for the monegasques, the festivities of Santa Devota. On this occasion, on this occasion, the Palace of Principality ordered a communication on the matter concerning the health of the Princess: “The convalescence of Su Alteza Real the Princess Charlene continues to be very satisfying and very caring. His recovery, as well as the follow-up of its bucodental care with the necessity of various weeks, the princess can lamentably assist this year in the festivities of Santa Devota. It is, together with his husband, Alteza Real, the principle of Albert II, very united to all monarchs and residents with the motive of their celebrations. As soon as his health permits, the Princess will share congratulatory moments with them. During this period, the real couple pays for their private life and the ones they see are being respected “.

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This new information from Charlene’s state has kept him lying about what these jobs are, the assistant is not assisting in the acts that are being held in the patronage of the principal and those who are assisting his wife Alberto, his wives, Jacques and his friends Gabriella, and his wife, the Princess of Carolina, who owns primera dama monegasca ante la ausencia de Charlene.

These festivities have significant significance for the principle that can be seen also in Louis Ducruet, he of the Princess Estefanía, and all together present the legacy of the traditional barca at the gate, where he marches the sea with the relics and he launches salves of honor before celebrating a religious ceremony.

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