The pain of Myron, Ukrainian Olot prop: “Dead children will never be forgiven”

Born in Ukraine almost 60 years ago (he turns them in May), but he has in Spain since 1999. He first settled in Almeria, where some friends of his wife lived, specifically in San Isidro and Campohermoso. There she began to work in a greenhouse“Like all undocumented, there was nothing else,” he recalls Myron Ilchinsin, the current prop of Olot, the club that rules in the Catalan group of the Third RFEF. The team is doing great, but their equipment manager lives hard moments because of the damned war that is raging in their country.

“Life takes many turns”, repeats over and over again Myron, which recounts his journey since his departure from Ukraine at the end of the last century. From the greenhouse he passed to the movie shootingacting as an extra in films such as ‘The Wells Mystery’, shot in some abandoned gold mines, with Willem Dafoe as a featured actor.

He was also in a concrete and rebar workshop until in 2004 he moved to Olot to be “a thousand kilometers closer” to his country, to which he returns without fail every year in car. Since 2005 he has been in charge of the club’s material and also works as delivery courier in the company of the president Joan Agusti.

“I never imagined that this could happen in the 21st century. It is worse than the fascism of the Second World War”

Myron Ilchinsin / Utillero del Olot

too much damage

Your immediate familyhis wife, his two children and two grandchildren (Edgar, 10, and Bruno, 4), are in Catalonia, but maintain close ties in the Ukraine. “The world takes many turns, for better and for worse,” he insists. “Who was going to tell me 25 years ago that I was going to have Catalan and Ukrainian blood, with two Catalan grandchildren. And who was going to tell me that we were going to experience a war”, regrets Myron, who studied history with his wife in the Ukraine.

“It is very painful to be witness of this horror. I never imagined something like this full 21st century, but it is not a current conflict, it is more than 300 years old. This time there will be no half measures. We must break: there will be winners and losers. The Russians have done too much damage. they look Dead children. That will never be forgiven.”

With the phone 24 hours

Myron is emotional as he recalls his origins. He was born in the province of Ivano-Frankivskabout 500 kilometers from Kyiv. “It’s 100 Lvivwhich is very fashionable now, and 150 meters from the Polish border.” His cousins ​​who lived in the capital were able to escape on the first day, but there is also bad news. “We have two relatives on the battlefront, a doctor and a soldier, two kids who don’t know where they are. My wife is very worried, with the phone in hand 24 hours and with the TV on all day,” he explains.

“Before you saw it in the movies and now you see it live. Bombs go over heads”

The kit man, who has welcomed refugees in their ukrainian flat, deplores the destruction of his land by Russian troops. “Kharkiv It has a beautiful square called, precisely, the Plaza de la Liberty. Now it is in ruins. You used to see it in the films and now you see it live. The bombs They go over heads. For me it is worse than the fascism of the second world war“, points out Myron, who stops at the generations born after 1991. “They are people who are now 30 years old and they have not lived through the past of the USSR. They have grown up in an independent country and now they see that they have been invaded unceremoniously. The german massacre It took 70 years to forget, this will never be forgotten”.

The message in schools

questioned by a Possible solution, the historian shows his most pessimistic view. Not even ending Putin glimpse a remedy. “The key is to remove her message. 15 years ago she told a summit that the biggest mistake of the 20th century It was the fall of the USSR. Since then he only thinks about getting her back. Little Russian children are told in schools that Ukrainians are fascist and horrible, while they are White dove. They put that idea in the little head. If in the future some child of that class comes to govern the country, the danger will persist”, says Myron, convinced that Putin will insist to the last consequences on taking Kyiv.

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Since the outbreak of the conflict, the prop man has had the support of the whole clubbeginning with its esteemed president, who has publicly expressed his rejection of the invasion: “Myron is suffering from a unfair and unthinkable situation. He is a friend, he has been with us for 17 years. He’s terrible. We stand against the military violence of the Russian army.” blue and yellow flag will shine again this Sunday at the stadium in the match against the guineueta. For Myron and for all the Ukrainian people.

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