The PAH assures that the “distorted” housing law is “synonymous with evictions”

  • The citizen platform that promoted the law shows its “deep indignation” for him very short range of it“and the” obvious lack of ambition“to solve the housing emergency that the country is suffering

The Housing Law Initiative platform, made up of more than 120 organizations throughout the State, including the PAH and the Tenants’ Union, is very critical of a law that they define as “synonymous with more evictions, more rent increases and more lack of protection for the right to housing“They explained this already this Monday in front of the Congress of Deputies in a press conference in which they rejected the Government’s proposal and explained the key points that in their eyes should include” a law that really guarantees the right to housing. ” and that this leaves out, among which stand out prevent evictions without a housing alternative. “Once the content of the law is known and evaluated, we can only express our deep outrage at the very short range of it and its obvious lack of ambition to solve the dramatic situation of housing emergency that we suffer in the Spanish State “, insist the spokespersons of the platform.

According to the citizen movements in defense of housing, which spent the summer writing a bill before the lack of agreement of the two government parties-, the one finally presented by the Executive “does not prevent evictions from continuing without a housing alternative of vulnerable individuals and families if the deadlines are exceeded, nor does it comply with Spain’s international human rights obligations by ignoring the obligations derived from the successive United Nations opinions and from European Court of Justice“.” Neither is included any warranty for basic supplies, which we consider essential when it comes to talking about decent and adequate housing “, they add very displeased from the Housing Law Initiative platform, that they are already preparing mobilizations to show their opposition and disappointment, especially with Podemos, a party that had committed to their proposed law.

“It does not include any guarantee for basic supplies, essential when talking about decent housing”

Social movements also denounce that “the influence of banking and investment funds is especially noted in the section on public park of protected housing, by giving up mobilizing tens of thousands of empty houses in the hands of the financial entities rescued with public money“.

Regulation of rents

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In a harsh statement, the social movements also state that “even the star measure of the Government for this law is born starry.” “Rent regulation proposed is totally inefficient: it leaves out the majority of tenants to leave its application to the will of the regional governments instead of setting objective conditions and, in the cases in which the autonomous community asks the State apply regulation, municipalities would have a very difficult time obtaining the permit given the difficulty in demonstrating that the requirements are met which are established due to the lack of data at the municipal level “.

In the same section, from the Tenants’ Union they point out that “Government law does not counteract brutal rent increases in recent years, and focuses on the possibility of taking advantage of annual extensions while maintaining the same price and conditions, condemning tenants to a uncertain and suffocating situation“And they go further:” to top it all, the Government intends to give away a spectacular tax reduction to housing speculators, extending the deduction to landlords from 60% to 90% if they apply a ridiculous 5% rent reduction all this Against the criteria of the tax authority, which has already said that this type of measure benefits high income and hurts low income. “

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