The other Gràcia: new bar route through Barcelona

Beyond that continuous current of hustle and bustle in the streets, pub modernism and the smell of popular calçotada with swing reverberations, there is something else. On the other bank of that river of ascending traffic that is Gran de Gràcia there is the possibility of another neighborhood.

At first, you wrinkle your nose at the idea of ​​changing the route. You don’t see it clearly. But while you leave behind the noise of the usual places quickening your pace to the rhythm of the traffic light blinking, you sense that you are going to love this. During the day this independent peninsula of Vila de Gràcia throbs with the activity of its shops, galleries and workshops. You can look for a coreable menu in the beatle-inspired bar Yesterday (Riera de Sant Miquel, 75) or settle into the dour Bar Roure (Luis Antúnez, 7) while the children mill around the Placeta de Sant Miquel in the middle of the afternoon.

At night the world changes tone. The radiation of genuine scenes and charismatic bars it is concentrated in only a few meters. The most amazing pub in the area is called a bar place (Riera de Sant Miquel, 70). That first trait of simplicity corresponds to the smiling naturalness of the joint, which welcomes you with enthusiastic greetings and a voluptuous decoration. Before reaching the stool you see a piano, a sax, the turntable, the dartboard, or that bouquet of polaroids that capture early mornings. The trip to the lavatory is another amazing trip: vignettes from Joan Cornella and Mafalda at the gates, and stickers of pop icons overflowing with flow the toilet The wooden bottle rack, typical of the best irish-puboverflows jugs and shooters. Facundo and sabrina opened Un lugar bar with the intention of creating a living corner. Wow, did they make it. Here you can find a magic show as well as a concert, a beer tasting, or an alternative clothing store. Their parish reciprocates with fidelity premiumand appreciate the bohemian vibe of this bar-home giving them many of those gadgets that populate the place. You debate between the Czech pilsner or an ipa from Basqueland. You can’t get lost: Facu has already given you a shot.

Just ahead we can continue the round in an unbeatable classic, The Sonora of Gracia (Riera de Sant Miquel, 59). Around the curve of its long bar, the pub atmosphere of a lifetime continues to beat. Martha bet on him small format emergent. He has made his open-mics, blue-grass Sundays or nights of comic monologues. Three steps further, step into Beautiful Beast Afro Music Bar (Riera de Sant Miquel, 55) is like landing on a melodious island. The dj toils between vinyls. Sixties pearls sound reggae and rocksteady as strobe light reflections lengthen shadows and shimmer on the fine zebra sculptures. A burly man drops his head rhythmically to the beat of the music. Xavi Calmly serve your jamaican cocktail to a fun Ukrainian girl. Souls rise, the world loses importance and everything floats. You would stay to live in this republic of the gustara. But you go down the street until Bagheera Resto & Bar (Riera de Sant Miquel, 23). Like the panther in its mural, this bar lives calmly during the day, crouched on a tree to attack when the sun goes down. You can enjoy your cozy courtyard till ten o’clock night. Afterwards, it’s all about toasting with cocktails like the one that gives the bar its name, a Brazilian punch created by its French owners, and surrendering to the modern and cosmopolitan jungle of its elegant lounge.

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If you let yourself be carried away by the meanders of the march, you will converge on Vic street, which also offers adventures for night owls in places like Nightmare (on Vic Street), (Vic, 7), No Sweat Bar (Vic, 19) monroig, (Vic, 11) or that triumphant old glory, Quimet Winery Bar (Vic, 23). The other Gràcia is a vibrant archipelago, and its possibilities are endless.

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