The other battles, by Carles Francino

I think we pay too much attention to them. I know that now is as sweet as sitting with a giant bowl of popcorn to see ‘Karate to the death in Bangkok’. It’s still not the best time to prescribe withdrawal syrup and remind them that, too often, their kingdom is not of our world. But we should not forget that despite the ‘performances’ that they give us every so often, now in Madrid, before in Barcelona, ​​Valladolid, Seville or wherever… despite the noise generated by their fights for power… life goes on. And there are other battles worth telling. Like the one he has been fighting for a decade Sylvia Belda, of the Pediatric ICU on October 12, so that ECMO equipment is distributed by more hospitals. No idea what ECMOs are, right? I didn’t have it either, until the other afternoon they explained to us how the lives of dozens of children have been saved with these rapid intervention teams, that allow to oxygenate and ventilate the blood flow without the help of the lungs.

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Large hospitals have this service, but many others do not, so the cruel paradox is repeated that life, like work or services, depends on the zip code. It is the imperfect Spain. That is why listening to Silvia and chatting with Elena, the mother of one of the children she saved when she was already evicted, was a shot of joy and the best antidote against radiation from the atomic bomb that the Popular Party had detonated a few hours before. Talk to someone who saves children while they were multiplying the headlines about the mother of all battles in the Spanish right (not only from Madrid), had a taste of victory; At least I enjoyed it that way. Because also, just after Dr. Belda, the best baby photographer in the world appeared at ‘La Ventana’, Mayte Cruz, a woman from Jaén who lives in Castellón capable of putting up with one of those tiny beings who have just arrived at the club for up to five hours until capturing moments that reconcile you with life. Because there are others, honestly, that disgust me.

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