• Forty-nine days after filtering the decision to archive, there is no report or decree

In the chamfer that joins the streets of Manuel Silvela with Nicasio Gallego Madrid, stands out on the first floor a large window with two side windows that overlook one and the other street, respectively. There are the final touches of the file report of the investigation proceedings on the allegedly criminal activities of Juan Carlos I.

It is the large office that occupies Alejandro Luzón, fiscal-head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, in Madrid’s Calle de Manuel Silvela number 4, in the Chamberí neighborhood.

Here, in the library on the first floor, Luzon and his team received the Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa and his collaborator in economic crimes, Raphael Zbinden, on October 29, 2019. It was when Bertossa was interested in whether it was planned to call Juan Carlos I to question him about the Ave La-Meca-Medina, in Saudi Arabia.

The answer: no, it is inviolable.

Have passed 49 days since the generic news leaked, without details, in what has been one of the transcended “official & rdquor; clearer on the matter – since the State Attorney General (FGE), Dolores Delgado, They were entrusted to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office on June 5, 2021- in the sense that these proceedings will be archived.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 5, the group of prosecutors in charge, including Alexander Luzon – without the person responsible for the proceedings, Juan Ignacio Campos, discharged due to a surgical operation-, he concluded, at the headquarters of the FGE, in Carrer de Fortuny, to file. The information was communicated to the state attorney general after the conclave ended, late in the afternoon. The news leaked ‘ipso facto’ and on Wednesday 6, it appeared in a digital media. Some of those who participated in the meeting it did not give credit. It had been here I catch you, here I kill you.

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Waiting for Switzerland

In a conversation with this newspaper, on Thursday, November 4, the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Juan Ignacio Campos, explained that he aspired to make the final report if health He allowed it and acknowledged that in recent times he had not had any connection with the jobs, despite the fact that his colleagues called him on the phone to inform him about what they were doing. Campos pointed out that he had not been in the “kitchen & rdquor; of the documents that have been drawn up because his colleagues noted that his state of health was not compatible with making him a participant in problems, but at the same time he indicated that he aspired to be in the final report and to have the corresponding intervention.

Asked for when the final report could be expected, Campos pointed out: “We are only waiting for the Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa to respond to a rogatory commission that I have pending regarding the year 2015. Once this occurs immediately. I can’t say precise date & rdquor ;.

And he added: “Bertossa has not been precisely characterized neither for the haste nor for the efficiency in response to our requests & rdquor;

The urgency for the imminent archive is that of avoid a new extension of the proceedings, which expire on December 17. Fiscal sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO explain that “in a case of this importance, close without having the answer from Switzerland, is to leave a fringe, and this has no justification & rdquor ;.

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Payment of expenses

The pending request is about 2015 data. They refer to the Zagatka foundation, based in Liechtenstein, which paid expenses of the King Emeritus (after his abdication in 2014) of about 4.4 million euros in aircraft rental, and for which Juan Carlos I presented a fiscal regularization.

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“In 2015, although tax crimes could be prescribed, they would only be if they were simple crimes, not aggravated tax crimes, when the fraud is greater than 600,000 euros or interposed persons, fiduciary instruments or tax havens are used & rdquor ;, he points out to this newspaper Carlos Cruzado, president of Gestha, the union of technicians of the Ministry of Finance. “The prescription is no longer five but ten years. Therefore, the year 2015, and not even 2014, would be prescribed. It is therefore necessary to have these data from the Prosecutor’s Office before proceeding to the & rdquor; file, he emphasizes. The Prosecutor’s Office will have to count for the file with a qualification from the Tax Agency that the tax regularization is “complete, truthful and spontaneous & rdquor ;.

On Thursday 18, the State Attorney General, when she appeared in the Senate, asked about the proceedings on the emeritus, indicated that her “intention is to be as transparent as possible & rdquor ;. The management of the “file & rdquor ;, filtering by, has shown the dark side of the FGE.


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