The odyssey of the evacuation to Poland: “We don’t know if we can get there”

Vicente Carsi and Larisa Kulykhe Valencian and she Ukrainian, arrived in Kiev a few days ago to attend their daughter’s wedding, which would have been held tomorrow, as she said then Raise-EMV, medium that belongs to the same editorial group as this newspaper. But the hasty start of the war has totally changed the circumstances of the country in just 48 hours.

The couple is now in a delegation coordinated by the Embassy from Spain on Ukraine, of more than 20 vehicles that transport nearly a hundred Spaniards to the border with Poland, including embassy staff and the Spanish ambassador to Ukraine, Silvia Cortes Martin.

A delegation transports a hundred Spaniards, including embassy staff and the ambassador herself

The goal is to leave the country and catch a flight home, but the reality is that, since first thing in the morning when they left, they have advanced little more than 50 kilometers of the 800 that separate Kiev from the border.

“We left Ukraine at 9:30 (at 8:30 in Spain) but we were already at the embassy since yesterday afternoon and since then we will have traveled about 50 to 60 km, no more. In principle, the journey was planned for 11 hours, well there are 800-odd kilometers but of course at this rate I don’t know how long it will take or if we will arrive“, Carsi tells Raise-EMV. The pyrotechnician by profession explains that the initial departure has been delayed because “Spaniards kept arriving until the last minute”.

“We have no idea when we’ll get there and we don’t even have any idea if we’ll be able to get there.”

“We have no idea when we’re going to get there and we don’t even have any idea if we can get there because if the Russians give it up for putting some tanks on the road it will be the end of the road.”

The delegation, which includes all the embassy staff and the Spanish ambassador to Ukraine, Silvia Cortés Martín, is controlled by some geo cars that control that there are no military attacks. The plan is to reach Poland and take refuge in the embassy there, but the reality, Vicente admits, “is that we know absolutely nothing, not even if we can get there, this is the reality.”

“The gas stations are beginning to be closed because surely they have already run out of gasoline”

So far, they’ve been through a town all day. “Everything is saturated and the gas stations are beginning to be closed because they have surely run out of gas,” he says from the evacuation bus.

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Now, after more than two hours to cross the small municipality – (“they had put up barricades to prevent vehicles from entering, so it was impossible to advance”) – they are going straight to the border.

“The embassy in Poland is waiting for us there and it will probably take us straight to the airport.” “We calculate that in 12 hours we will be there, we have 700-odd kilometers left”, he commented a moment ago with Levante-EMV.

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