The odyssey of Juan Antonio Luna, the Spaniard who has gone to Ukraine in search of his wife and children

The ukrainian war It never stops uncovering stories of despair and tragedy. To the drama of the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who they leave their country to flee the fighting and the Russian troops, joins that of people looking for their loved ones in the midst of war. This is the case of John Anthony Moona Spaniard who has left for Ukraine across the border with Poland to try to rescue his wife and two children, who left to visit the children’s grandmother in a town 65 kilometers from Kiev.

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moon is president of the Miguel Vacas Benevolent Association, which is dedicated to welcoming Ukrainian children in Spain. yeshis wife is Ukrainian and is visiting the country with their two childrenMartín and Diego, both born in the Cordoba town of Goat. “My children are Spanish and they could not get to the convoy that left the embassy” for Spain, he has explained in several television interviews. “We want them to leave the country but the authorities have told us that there are no more planned convoys,” he adds.

“I travel to Krakow and there some acquaintances take me to the border with Ukraine. From there I will have about 600 kilometers left that I hope to cover in the best possible way,” he explains. Once there, the plan is to pick up his children and return to Spain.

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