The OAS calls for the resumption of negotiations between Argentina and the United Kingdom on the Falklands

The Organization of American States (OAS) asked this Friday that the negotiations between United Kingdom and Argentina about sovereignty over the Islands Malvinas to find a peaceful solution.

At a general assembly held for virtually the second year due to the pandemic, the OAS adopted by acclamation a statement reaffirming the need for Argentina and the United Kingdom “resume, as soon as possible, the negotiations on the sovereignty dispute” over the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces.

It is “an integral part of the Argentine national territory and they are illegally occupied by the United Kingdom for more than 188 years, “says the OAS.

The Argentine Chancellor Santiago Cafiero He affirmed that “the British usurpation carried out in times of peace and contrary to the international law in force at the time represented a breach of the Argentine territorial integrity.”

In 1982 Argentina and the United Kingdom They fought a war for these territories in which 649 Argentines, 255 British and three locals died.

After 74 days of war, the Argentine military was defeated by the British forces.

In this situation, Argentina calls for a definitive solution to the dispute “through dialogue.”

Argentina ask the United Kingdom that abides by a resolution of the HIM-HER-IT 1965 to discuss sovereignty. He argues that the Argentine government and population of the archipelago they were driven out by British troops in 1833.

The United Kingdom He insists on not negotiating because he considers that sovereignty belongs to him and the island population voted almost 100% in favor of his British membership in a referendum in 2013.

In the turn of the permanent observers of the OAS, the United Kingdom it reacted by defending “the right to self-determination” of the inhabitants of the territory.

The representative of United Kingdom on the OAS affirmed that his country is willing “to work constructively” but the dialogue “must be approved by the Malvinas“who” have their own government. “

According to Cafiero, “it is striking that even today immigration policies are maintained in relation to Argentine citizens who in fact find limits to visit the islands”, contrary to what happens with the inhabitants of the Islands.

The Argentine government considers the Falkland Islands “a colonial territory but not a colonized people.”

The population of the islands, says Cafiero, “does not differ from that of the metropolis, unlike the classic cases of colonialism in which a pre-existing town is the victim of the establishment of colonial domination.”


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