The non-fiction black novel by Casado and Díaz Ayuso

Although it was not strictly necessary, the clashes within the Popular Party refer us this week to a proven fact: the new generation of its leaders maintains the tradition of performing within the genre of the non-fiction thriller.

Given the choice, there are two scenes that are useful for approaching the hand-to-hand battle -with nuclear weapons according to José María Aznar- waged by Isabel Díaz Ayuso y Casado.

And that, already on the brink of the abyss, Casado, to show his good disposition to barons such as Alberto Nuñez Feijóo – whose intense media activity and in contacts with party barons outlines him as an arbiter of the crisis – summoned Díaz Ayuso last Friday in the afternoon, amid the thunderous noise of gunfire, to a conclave in Genoa 13.

And although it seemed that the swords were still high, Casado has backed down and has promised to file the information file open to Díaz Ayuso. That is to say: it is he who orders and sends in a file farce. Casado, therefore, has seen fit to swallow his accusations and, in the face of the open crisis, back down spectacularly. Neither winners nor losers? Casado has sunk more than he already was after his failure in Castilla y León and he is a walking dead man.

One of those scenes could be taken from ‘Red Harvest’the novel by the American writer Dashiell Hammett, from February 1929, nine months after the ‘crash’ of the last week of October of that year.

The private detective hired to “clean up & rdquor; the imaginary Poisonville – or poisonous city, as Personville, people’s city, was called in San Francisco – breaks up a bully fight. One of the heroines, Dinah Brand, asks about her next steps:

-The closest thing I have to a plan is to bring up any dirty laundry, all the dirty laundry that can blame others and use them fully. I may put an ad: ‘It takes a crime, male or female’. If they are corrupt as I believe, I should have no difficulty discovering an issue or two that I can pin on them.

The girl, letting her fur coat slip off, says:

So this is how scientific detectives work. OMG! For a fat, middle-aged, tough, pig-headed guy, you have a very vague idea of ​​how to do things, at least to me.

“Sometimes plans work out,” said the detective. AND sometimes it is enough to remove the issues… if you’re tough enough to survive and keep your eyes open to identify what you want as soon as it appears.

“Well, that deserves another drink,” she said.

The other scene is from Chicago novelist Raymond Chandler’s 1933 story at the height of the Great Depression, entitled ‘Blackmailers Don’t Shoot’.

Mallory, the first private detective in Chandler’s stories and novels, is arrested after a gangster shootout. Upon releasing him, Los Angeles police detective captain Cathcart comments in his office:

Are you going back to Chicago?

– I may stay a few days. One of the studios has made me an offer. Private blackmail, extortion and the like.

“Magnificent,” said the captain. Eclipse Films is a good team…Blackmail is easy and enjoyable work. It wouldn’t have to turn into something turbulent.

-Just an easy job, boss. Almost effeminate, if you know what I mean.

Erno, one of the Italian thugs, says elsewhere:

-Blackmailers don’t shoot. Or if?

The fiasco of Castilla y León

The resounding disaster of Casado’s plan to obtain an absolute majority or at least touch it in the early regional elections in Castilla y León, which should have been the first resounding victory as a prologue to the early elections in Andalusia for the month of June, led the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to explode -in the midst of Casado’s weakening- the barrel of gunpowder that the president of the PP and his right-hand man, the secretary general Teodoro García Egea, had in their hands from the month of September.

That barrel was the attempt to hire a detective agency to track down the allegedly corrupt mask contract of which Tomás Díaz Ayuso, brother of the president, would have obtained a commission of 286,000 euros. Or more things.

The idea was, as Hammett’s detective says, discover one or two issues that could be awarded to Díaz Ayuso. One, the contract with the company Priviet Sportive -1.5 million euros- was already within reach.

The plumbers from the leadership of the PP – presumably Ángel Carromero, general coordinator of the Madrid mayor’s office, José Luis Martínez Almeida’s right-hand man, and Casado’s trusted man, among them – leave their traces – as in the espionage of the general headquarters of the Democratic Party headquarters, the Watergate Hotel, in Washington DC, in June 1972 – in an attempt to hire an agency, Mira Detectives, to do the dirty work. But the operation is frustrated by the reluctance of the director of the agency, Julio Gutiez. And this frustrated attempt becomes an open secret of the ‘tout’ Madrid. Former Ministers of Justice Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón -victim in 2009 of the espionage on his collaborators in the Madrid mayor’s office orchestrated by the faction of Esperanza Aguirre- and Rafael Catalá find out. And they send the messages to the circle of Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

A good attack as a defense

Díaz Ayuso, therefore, is launched on Thursday, February 17, to a good attack as the best defense. espionage. As he explains, the leadership of Genoa threatens it with the denunciation of this contract if she continues to be determined in her candidacy to preside over the PP in Madridwhose congress she is urging.

The contract, then, is buried. This is espionage and blackmail.

But García Egea on the same Thursday the 17th, and above all Casado, on Friday the 18th, deny espionage and blackmail, and place the contract, the 286,000 euros commission that Tomás Díaz Ayuso would have received, at the center of the battle.

“Beyond the fact that it is illegal, the question is whether it is understandable that on April 1, 2020, when 700 people died in Spain, you can contract with your brother and receive 300,000 euros for selling masks… Someone might think that there was influence peddling. It is not just a question of the Penal Code but of the law of the high position of the Community that prohibits contracting with relatives. If a family member had been used to facilitate a contract to a friend, someone could think that a figurehead is being used & rdquor ;.

Díaz Ayuso, for his part, clarifies that his brother received 55,000 euros and that in no case is a commission. “The invoice to Priviet Sportive is not a commission for obtaining the contract with the Administration, but the collection of the steps taken by Tomás Díaz Ayuso to obtain the material in China and its transfer to Madrid,” the president said in a statement. Meanwhile, PSOE, Más Madrid and United We Can present three complaints for crimes of influence peddling, bribery and embezzlement of public funds before the Anticorruption Prosecutor.

The plan has slipped

García Egea and Casado have used the contract to undertake their objective: destroy, very American style, the feet of the potential rival in the dispute over the PP’s candidacy in the next general election. But perhaps because of the bungling of its plumbers, insufficient evidence and the resistance of Díaz Ayuso the plan has skidded.

And in any case, the battering ram of corruption used is not very effective in a Teflon-coated party like the PP. or just because Casado’s argument, knowing his enmity with Díaz Ayuso, has not been credible.

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